The ‘past’ is finished, whilst the ‘future’ doesn’t exist… so enjoy the ‘present’, which is the Reality (1998-0321); The past is to be forgotten – is very important to forget the past – no explanations… about your mother… your father… things that have happened… now you belong to this family, which is a Holy family… of Saints. Among ‘them’ you are sitting (1985-0901)

Most important thing is you should not talk about your past at all… because past is finished. Now you are Sahaja Yogis… you are Realised Souls… so you don’t have to say a word about your past. Even if your husband starts talking, you just stop and tell him… ‘we are to live in the present, don’t tell us about your past… just forget the past, and live in the present’… because in the present resides the Reality… and the Reality is the Ocean of Joy (1993-1228)

When you reach a certain stage, you should not allow anything of the past to come back… you have to challenge the past… it’s finished… nothing… like that. But if you get afraid or worried, then you have not reached the point. If you keep a distance… nothing can touch you. Your Mother will sometimes test you on that. She will sometimes remind you of that… and see what happens to you. Why should you worry about things that you are not, any more – if you are the bird, why should you worry about the egg, which used to smell so badly. So have confidence within yourself. So that’s how you challenge the past… and you can also challenge your future. Like, if you think to telephone someone… then you think ‘oh, perhaps he may not be there’… but why don’t you just telephone – and so you telephone… and the fellow is just there. The mind that finds problems, always does so because it doesn’t want to solve it… and at the end of the day… they sit down exhausted (1985-0505)

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– end – 11 Apr 2003