Is the responsibility of Belgians, while that of Holland is Justice, and if the principle of these two countries starts working properly together, they can bring peace to the whole world (1986-0921.2); The Spirit is the source of Peace – you become like a witness, and see the whole drama, like a joke. It’s nothing so serious to be worried about, it all works out (1998-0320); If there is any problem… anything… suddenly you must become peaceful within… then immediately you will find, the solution will come to you… this is a subtle of the Lakshmi Principle (1996-0716)

The Spleen… is the centre of peace… the one who doesn’t have a proper spleen cannot be a peaceful person. When we are eating our food… if at the time we are eating… we are also say reading the newspaper… or, if say we get onto a bicycle with a sandwich in our hand… is even worse… and we are rushing to work… and, we become so frantic… then we are out to get trouble with the spleen… and we can get blood cancer (1982-0514)

If you see somebody who you don’t like, or who has been harsh to you, or cruel to you… you get annoyed… disturbed – at that time… say ‘I forgive’… you have to say ‘I forgive’ if there is disturbance. A Sahaja Yogi is to be known by his character… by his righteousness… by his behaviour… the behaviour of a Sahaja Yogi should be extremely peaceful… Sahaja Yogis who are just rushing up and down… upset… are not Sahaja Yogis (1985-0310)

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