Pelvic Plexus


Pelvic Plexus

Mooladhara… the lowest centre… is the centre that manifests our pelvic plexus… and which has four sub-plexuses… has four petals… one of these sub-plexuses is for sex… one is for reproduction… and the topmost one is for controlling the Kundalini’s movement. Now this chakra is below the Kundalini, because here resides our innocence (1979-0722); Which controls through it’s 4 petals or sub-plexuses the excretory, sex and reproductive functions of the body. Red in colour (1981-1005); Represents the earth element, the matter, the material side, and gives rise to the pelvic plexus. Is situated below the Kundalini, and the Kundalini therefore does not pass through this chakra when she rises, and so sex has nothing to do with Kundalini awakening (1979-1203); Whose essence is innocence (1986-0305)

The mechanism that is placed within you… is placed inside your spinal cord, except for the last chakra, which is red in colour, and which is outside… and which controls the pelvic plexus within you… is the most important chakra… which emits innocence. The Deity sitting on it is Shri Ganesha… who represents the stage between animals and man. At every point, at every chakra… he bestows on you the blessings of his innocence (1977-1121)… who through the Pelvic plexus, controls the excretory functions, as well as the sex, and is like the lotus in the mud. We thus have to be correct in our ideas about sex (1979-0507)

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