Those who still have those problems that… they want to sleep with other women… and they want to do all these things… who are, on a subtle level, quite on the verge of collapse… they should give up Sahaja Yoga. Best is to leave us alone… we can’t have such useless people… so they should give up Sahaja Yoga, and don’t trouble us. So all those who are still like that, who are trying to have relations with other women… having their eyes on other women like that… and also all the women like that… all… should give up Sahaja Yoga… and should spare us (1986-0504)


An unnatural behaviour which results in diseases and problems for mankind (1987-0500); Which will never lead you to God, but to Hell – thank goodness there has been a film showing the diseases that you get by a promiscuous life (1983-0512)

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