It is only in the lifetime of the Adi Shakti, that the Photographs have started… it’s more than a representation… “its quite me… because my attention is there… my Photograph has got My Desire also in it” (1990-0811.2); The photograph has so many elements in it – it has the light, water and earth elements in it… it has also air element, because if the air is not alright you cannot get a photo… and it has ether element because a photo you can transmit (1980-0518); Only with the Photograph will Sahaja Yoga be worked out (1983-0121)

Our Mother’s photograph is very auspicious… you don’t put it on the ground… nor do you trample over it… auspicious matters… which are important matters, must be kept at a higher level always (1980-0927); The protocol of the photo is important (1980-0518)… it has a coefficient, and emits vibrations (1990-0811.2); Keep one Photograph with you all the time in your pocket… respect it… with the understanding that… ‘that is Mother… who is with us’ – you’ll be amazed how things work out (1980-0518)

All these Photos that you have separately have meaning – the Hands, with a candle, are very good for the eyes, and for the blindness caused by bhoots, whilst the Feet are very good for the grosser problems, and especially for the ego and also the superego… they will correct the Supraconscious, and will go to the grossest point – the Feet are tremendous… we also sometimes should watch the Feet (1980-0517.2); The photo of the Devi’s Feet is the strongest for correcting problems (1984-1005)

A Photo of the Face will not work to correct the grosser problems – for that a Photo of the Feet works much better. The Face is for the seekers (1980-0517.2); “My face is such a funny thing, that if you watch it for a long time, you will have no thoughts… today it happened, I went to the tailor, and he just looked at me, and he didn’t know what he was doing. My husband said ‘Is he stunned or what?'” (1980-0609); We also should watch Mother without thinking (1980-0609)

Also you can use my photograph for curing other people. So, one should not bother about all these things… one should keep completely detached about it. So do not cure anyone… if you have to cure people, then you please give them the photograph and ask someone to work on them. You have got the power to handle my photograph… give it to others (1980-0127.2)

If a candle starts flickering in front of the Photo, this is alright, meaning that there is something wrong and it is being corrected by the Photo (1981-0328); When working on someone who has a possession, by for example a false guru bhoot, it is important not to allow oneself to be exposed to the same bhoots, by keeping a Photo in front of your face, like a mask – in addition of course to putting oneself into bandhan (1980-0517.2); You should not show interest in people who have no interest in the photograph… if they are not interested in the photograph… just forget that person… you see that’s the best way (1979-1202.3)

– Jai Shri Mataji –

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– end – 7 May 2003