There are so many pitfalls for a Sahaja Yogi: (1976-0330)

*Any involvement with each other in any relationship whatsoever… you should know that this is not going to help anyone attain their individual ascent. Everybody is ascending individually. Whatever the relationship, whether that of son, brother, wife, friend… you are not responsible for their ascent. Only Mother’s Grace, or their own desire, their own efforts to give up all that is 3-dimensional, will help them (1976-0330)

*Feelings of disgust with oneself… if you go on clinging to it, you are conditioning yourself. This means that you are not in thoughtless awareness, but are making the past a solid mass on your head. In the ‘present’, everything which is not eternal, is fleeting. We have to understand our own dignity – all over the world, there are so many people, yet in Sahaja Yoga there are very very few, and when you are chosen the first, you must also realise that you are the foundations… you have to be strong… and forbearing (1976-0330)

*We are used to one thing, and that is the idea that ‘we’ must ‘do’ something about it… but meditation is the most Sahaja method. Sometimes we feel that we have to reach a certain place… or that we must get this thing done… and it is not done like that… sometimes by mistake, what we want is not done – we must accept it as the Will of God… that it is what He desires (1976-0330)

*Worry and frustration with yourself… when you start identifying with your instrument not being in proper condition… then there is going to be a problem. You have to laugh at yourself, at your mechanism that is out of order. If your chakras are spoilt, you can solve it – there are so many methods. You are not the chakras, or the different channels… you are the awareness… the power… the Kundalini (1976-0330)

*Then also a problem with a Sahaja Yogi may be that even though he ‘is there’, his attention is still involved with ‘outside’. Then ‘how to remove’ – once you say ‘how to remove’, you have created the 3- dimensional involvement. You are not to remove – it is there. Myself, I would just feel, where I am… that’s all… (1976-0330)

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