Hanumana is running on our Pingala Nadi all the time, and what he does is to spoil our plans. If we run on the Pingala Nadi instead of him, then he side-tracks all our plans all the time – and that’s how our planning fails (1989-0423); If you plan too much, the plans will fail. But if you just see the plan of God, and fit your plans into that, that is the way to be successful in your plans (1979-0720)

As you know we are all very futuristic by temperament. Now this futuristic-ness cannot be cured by telling… ‘oh now, don’t think’… or ‘now you stop planning’… you just can’t do it… you can’t help it… you have to do that kind of planning… and you find that all these plans fail… because these plans are not related to the plans of the Divine… the Divine has some other plans… and you have some other plans… and they never combine together… and that’s how you find all your plans fail… and you are just frustrated… you don’t understand how it has happened. For your understanding one has to know that there is a Divine Power… and we are made human beings to feel that Divine Power… to manoeuvre that Divine Power… and thus enjoy the Bliss of Divinity (1982-0514)

When you start planning too much, the Swadisthan chakra is given too much work, and so stops supplying energy to the pancreas, and as a result we get diabetes (1979-0720)

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