To be avoided, wherever possible, especially in Pujas (1990-0923); If you cannot sit on the ground, then you take a stone, or some marble, or something which is natural, on which you should try to sit. But if you sit on the plastic and do your meditation… I don’t know what is going to help you… the plastic? That’s why I request you always to use natural things. Natural things can absorb your problems very well (1997-0525); I cannot understand how you can go and buy this rubbish of plastic… all these useless things (1997-1004)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1990-0923 Navaratri Puja – Geneva, Switzerland good 75 1997-0525 Respect the Mother Earth, Cabella good

1997-1004.1 Nature & Balance, evening before Navaratri, Cabella good 1997-1004.2 MUSIC – Evening Program, Cabella

– end – 7 Jun 2003