Playing Games


Playing Games

Those who are not innocent, play ‘games’, try tricks, gossip, indulge in filth… Shri Ganesha cuts them out… Ganesha is the judge… and he is the one who throws you out on the periphery… like a tangent you get out of Sahaja Yoga… and then you go down and down and down (1984-0902); In innocence… you do not ‘play games’, and put people down… nor do you laugh at others, and make fun of them… nor do you think that you are the wisest of all, and make everybody look a fool… but what I’ve seen… even coming to Sahaja Yoga… this is the worst part of it… I have seen people who play games, after coming to Sahaja Yoga… they gossip… and say all kinds of wrong things (1984-0902); Don’t play games with me… innocence can be very powerful also… don’t play games with me (1985-0504)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1984-0902 Ganesha Puja talk, Switzerland [French translation] good 55 1985-0504 You have to be in Nirvikalpa, Vienna good 50

– end – 3 Oct 2002