Politics… may slow one’s growth in Sahaja Yoga (1998-0320); What is permanent is your Spirit… that’s the most powerful thing… that’s the real power you have got… and when that is the power, the person who has that power, is the greatest Capitalist… and that Capitalist becomes the complete Communist also, because he must give… otherwise he does not enjoy. So the whole Capitalism becomes Communism… and Communism becomes Capitalism… that is, inside (1983-1001)

Today’s politicians are just making money (0.0011); Politics is nothing but a compromise… and… tomorrow, if Hitler comes in… they will go and garland him… just to give a balance. They compromise with evil… with wrongdoers… and compromise at any cost… just to have an election. Sometimes you start decrying democracy… it becomes demonocracy. This is the politics of the gutters, I feel… the way it is… it’s very low level… everything is so low level. I feel that it’s all such filth… that this fungus like growth has come up. I really don’t know what to say about them… you should just dissociate from them. We are different people altogether… we are flowers (1985-0502)

So we have to create out of Sahaja Yogis great politicians. It has been predicted that if Sahaja Yoga does not spread, then 3rd world war will be inevitable… people will suffer a lot with 3rd world war. It is possible to avoid it if people take to Sahaja Yoga in a big number… but if they do not, there will be a 3rd world war… and the effect of that will harm people so much that ultimately it is the Sahaja Yogis who will be called for a conference and not the diplomats – the Sahaja Yogis will be consulted and they will decide what is to be done for the world… and they will become the rulers of tomorrow’s world. So we must have full idea how to be rulers like Shri Ram. It’s a very big task… it’s a great task… and sometimes you might think ‘how can Mother expect us to do it’… but I think you are the people who are chosen for it… and you have to get to it… and work it out. So we have to train up ourselves to be first good rulers of ourselves… and then rulers of others… through your heart not through your mind. Go on telling your mind that ‘this is not… this is not… this is not…’ any thought that comes to your mind you go on telling ‘this is not… not this… not this… not this…’ then the inspiration starts coming. You see what I feel… people are not inspired… they have got fear, on one side… or else they go into an ego trip (1982-0402)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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1998-0320 Felicitations, Delhi good 55

– end – 19 Oct 2003