Pleased (1989-1008.1); The Deity of Sahastrara is a very simple person, and is pleased with very little actions – not much is needed to please the Deity of Sahastrara – little things make Her happy (1987-0503.1); You have to keep Prasanna… keep the Devi pleased (1983-0209)

Jagadamba Prasanna… that is… the Mother is… very happy – so you must just find out what will make Mother happy. When you do something, just weigh it out… will she be happy if we do like this… if we talk like this and say like this… will she be happy – very simple… that’s a good judging point. Don’t do what ‘you’ want to do… and what ‘you’ like… that’s a wrong style… absolutely wrong… but you must do what I would like you to do… and that is what it should be… Mataji Prasanna. This is a sort of a certificate with me… that Mataji Prasanna… so… do everything with that permission (1977-0126.1)

What pleases Mother… very simple things. Very simple things please her… like flowers… but how much attention you have put to it… that we have to give a flower to Mother. Now what flowers she likes… she likes fragrant flowers… from where we should get the fragrant flowers… it’s very simple… the shop… be on the lookout… there must be some shop with fragrant flowers… the whole direction changes… you see, you become beautifully attached to me… and I have to gain nothing out of it… but by your attaching yourself to me… you gain something. You have to think that if we have to attach ourselves to Mother, we must put our attention completely, entirely to it – it’s not what you give me is important… it is how much heart you put into it (1985-0310)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003