Are said in your hearts with the feeling of complete surrendering… and asking for the Eternal – it will be granted… just ask for that (1976-0330); You must pray to God and ask for what you want… ask for ‘complete satisfaction… for Joy… for Bliss in my heart’, ‘give me that Love, that I could love the whole world’, ‘cleanse me with this Love’. At any time that ‘thought’ is coming, you pray, and you will be moving in the wave of that ocean which is the Unconscious Mind, which starts with thoughtless awareness. If you cannot become thoughtless, pray to me ‘forgive me for what I have done… and forgive those who have done harm…'(1975-0209)

You have so many powers… just try… one word of prayer from you is very powerful… more powerful than hundreds of prayers of these people… one asking is much more powerful than thousands of these askings… you have never tried… try that… you are extremely powerful… whatever you desire works out (1992-0229); One has to only pray for the Spiritual ascent… because as you ascend, you get, all the rest of it. When you do not ascend… you do not get, what is needed… that’s why there are problems (1983-0321); You have to eat your food with some prayer… bless that food, thank God that you have got that food… then the satisfaction comes in better (1985-0421)

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– end – 3 Oct 2002