Acharya Kakar Bujandar from Karnataka (1982-0130), translated and brought to modern language the predictions made by Bhrigumuni, in his Nadigranth, written in Sanskrit 12-14000 years back (1983-0128; 1983-0302); They said it will happen Sahaja… they used the word ‘Sahaja’; That the complete Brahmachaitanya itself will embody, and a great Mahayogi like that will be born who will do all these miracles. And Bujandar brought it to the modern terminology as to what is the year when this Sahaja will start, and he calculated correctly… 1970. But the best part of it… that these people will not take to Sahaja. This is the best part (0.0006)

It was predicted so clear-cut: That a great Yogi will come on this Earth in Pisces (Shri Mataji is on the cusp of Pisces and Aries); That the real change will start from 1970, and by 1980 it will take it’s grip; That the Kali Yuga will start receding back from 1970, and the new age of active Divinity, Krita Yuga will start; That the Sun will rule in a new way; The axis of the Earth will be reduced, and the speed of the Earth will be reduced gradually; That a great Mahayogi will be born, who will be completely Parabrahma, and will possess all the powers to do or not to do; That with the new Mahayoga that this Mahayogi will bring in, you will see with your own eyes, and you’ll get in this body in your lifetime, the Realisation, and you’ll get the joy of Realisation; He also said that with this new method, you won’t have to sacrifice this body as they did before, and that you won’t die, or have to go into Samadhi, but without doing anything they will get their Realisation; Among millions, one will get Realisation; All the human race can get over their death by this yoga; You will have to lead a normal life, be a normal householder… not be anything great; That with this yoga you won’t need any hospitals; That just by touching people this Mahayogi can cure people; That for human beings, old age will disappear; That they will have a body which is Divine; That they will not be touched by fire or weapons; That you will be able to see these subtle things with your own eyes; That this will not only happen in India but all over the world (1982-0130)

He says that they may have to go for a third world war… but it may be avoided, if people develop a love for each other with this yoga; That this great Incarnation will interfere, and that all the countries will come together with the understanding of collective oneness; That in a very big city a conference of all the countries will be held; That then not the politicians but the yogis will direct them; That through prayers we’ll be able to unite all the countries; That the Divine Knowledge and the Science will become one; That with science you will be able to establish the existence of God and of the Spirit; That you won’t have to give up anything to achieve Brahma; That you will become ‘Sahaja’ (1982-0130)

In the new yoga system, the administration in the different countries will be governed by a people who have their own powers of yoga, depending on their quality as yogis… that will be the determining factor; That they will be able to create a society that will completely fulfil their desires and their necessities; That people won’t need to have money accumulated; That poverty and sickness will be finished, and that the society will be healthy and restful and without anger (1982-0130)

It has been predicted that if Sahaja Yoga does not spread, then 3rd world war will be inevitable… people will suffer a lot with 3rd world war. It is possible to avoid it if people take to Sahaja Yoga in a big number… but if they do not, there will be a 3rd world war… and the effect of that will harm people so much that ultimately it is the Sahaja Yogis who will be called for a conference and not the diplomats – the Sahaja Yogis will be consulted and they will decide what is to be done for the world… and they will become the rulers of tomorrow’s world. So we must have full idea how to be rulers like Shri Ram. It’s a very big task… it’s a great task… and sometimes you might think ‘how can Mother expect us to do it’… but I think you are the people who are chosen for it… and you have to get to it… and work it out. So we have to train up ourselves to be first good rulers of ourselves… and then rulers of others… through your heart not through your mind. Go on telling your mind that ‘this is not… this is not… this is not…’ any thought that comes to your mind you go on telling ‘this is not… not this… not this… not this…’ then the inspiration starts coming. You see what I feel… people are not inspired… they have got fear, on one side… or else they go into an ego trip (1982-0402)

Gyaneshwara, called Nyaneshwara, in Marathi (1996-1221), and who was also Kartikeya (1996-1221), foretold the present times, when people will feel the ‘Oneness of the Brahma’, when they will become happy, when problems will go away, when the crookedness of the ‘ill-doing people’ will be finished (1983-0129)

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