While it is the rule that any foreign body introduced into the human body gets rejected, yet at conception, the foetus is allowed to form and is not rejected, but retained and nourished (1980-0629)… the whole system works out to nourish it… to look after it… to really bother about it… very carefully the water is created around it so that it is not disturbed… and every sort of a care is taken by the body to look after the foetus… and when the foetus is ready, it is thrown out – now who does that… we must ask this question to ourselves sometimes (1982-0514)

The Kundalini within you… which is your own individual Mother… the Reflection of the Holy Ghost, or All Pervading Power of God’s Love… enters the foetus at 2 months age (1981-0926)

One has to know also, when you are pregnant, how to treat your children, how to be looking after your foetus. One has to know all these things… these are very important basic things which we do not know; Now a speedy person is one who moves too much on the right hand side… and leukaemia is caused more by speedy people… not so much by people who are futuristic, but more by people who are speedy. Now the children get it, because the mother is like that… the mother must be a speedy lady. You see, the mother has an influence on the child isn’t it… the blood of the mother goes with the child… and that blood carries the message… that’s how the child gets it… and that’s very difficult to cure also. Imagine… you pay no respect to your pregnancy… what will happen… if the mother is so speedy, the child gets it (1982-1008); Mothers who are hectic by nature, very anxious to do this, to do that, and are also very hectic with their children, can give blood cancer to their unborn children, whilst they are still pregnant (1986-0921.2)

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