All things that are in us… if they are auspicious, we’ll have a ‘presence’… wherever we’ll stand, people will know we have a presence… this presence is a blessing of the ‘matter’ to us. So you must respect matter… in the sense, what clothes you wear – throwing clothes on the ground, throwing here and there, living like a donkey, like a pigsty is not the way a Sahaja Yogi should live… he has to be orderly, he has to respect his clothes. But it should not be that you respect your clothes so much that you throw away ‘others’ clothes… they are Sahaja Yogis also… you have to respect each other, because you are all Saints (1980-0927)

When you are speaking you should say it with full concentration… where is your attention. If your attention is on something else… (even if I am talking about the highest things)… you’ll be thinking of that something else. That is why our presence should be such, that nobody’s attention is diverted, or deluded. If your presence is funny, like a joker or a clown… or untidy, everybody’s attention will be disturbed. If you are completely in the ‘presence’, then wherever you stand, people will feel there’s somebody standing… great… the respect flows… actually, the respect flows… and it is something so remarkable, that you don’t know… ‘how’ people try to help you (1980-0927)

A ‘presence’ has prudence… it understands how to behave in a particular thing. Presence has it’s own balance… in the centre… and that ‘presence’ must be maintained. You are all Saints… you must respect each other… you must love each other… talk sweetly to each other (1980-0927)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1980-0927 Lethargy – Chelsham Road good 75

– end – 3 Oct 2002