The Present

The past is finished, and the future does not exist – so, enjoy the ‘Present’ (1998-0321); Most important thing is you should not talk about your past at all… because past is finished. Now you are Sahaja Yogis… you are Realised Souls… so you don’t have to say a word about your past. Even if your husband starts talking, you just stop and tell him… ‘we are to live in the Present, don’t tell us about your past… just forget the past, and live in the Present’… because in the present resides the Reality… and the Reality is the Ocean of Joy (1993-1228)

Gyaneshwara… called Nyaneshwara, in Marathi… who was also Kartikeya (1996-1221)… foretold the present times, when people will feel the ‘Oneness of the Brahma’, when they will become happy, when problems will go away, when the crookedness of the ‘ill-doing people’ will be finished (1983-0129); Is the Blossom Time… the present day, when many have to get their Self Realisation (1982-0710)… the time of transformation (1979-0616), when many have to become the fruits (1987-1023), where evolution has to be enmasse (1979-0530); Called also… the Time of Resurrection, in the Koran… or the Last Judgement, in the Bible (1982-1008)

Evolution is from the carbon stage, and amoeba stage through the fish and reptile stages, to the present day, at Sahastrara (1983-0129; 1979-0616) and is still going on – this is not the end. So far, it is spontaneous (1978-1115); The evolutionary path… the Sushumna Nadi (1979-0200.1)… the Central channel, along which the Kundalini rises (1981-0928), the Channel of Ascent (MME), where we manifest the present (1979-0616), is for people who are in the centre… who have their proper understanding… and have got their wisdom (1983-0209)

Vilumba… is the small space that exists between two thoughts, the one of the past and the other of the future, and which may be expanded when we are in the present, in thoughtless awareness. We must remember that we are now beyond thought (1980-0609)

When you become the witness… you are in the present… and you just watch and enjoy (2000-1225); You become Kalatit, when your attention goes to the Spirit, and you go beyond time. You are not bound by time, are not slaves of watches, but enjoy the present – which is the ‘Reality’. It helps a lot to be Kalatit, where you just enjoy (1998-0321); Reality is in the centre… is in the present (1982-1007); In the present, everything that is not eternal drops out. If you are on the Eternal Principle, all that is not eternal changes, drops out, dissolves and becomes non-existent (1976-0330)

So this Brahma Shakti is everywhere… it penetrates into everything… and, if you believe in God, it acts in everything… but it’s not blind belief… first you have to be perfect Sahaja Yogis… then you are ‘one’ with the Brahma Shakti… and then you can control everything… and you do not waste your energy in controlling nonsensical things. But, whenever necessary, it works… it acts (1986-0707.2); You’ll have experiences in life… one by one… and you will be amazed, how things work out… and then you will realise that you are not an ordinary Sahaja Yogi. Whatever you have committed wrong in the past… or whatever you used to think of the future… the Present becomes Divine… and that Divine present is the ocean of joy… of which you are the part and parcel… just enjoy that. Then you don’t think about who is the Enjoyer… and who is the Creator… you just become the existence… existence is the present. That is how it works out… then you lose all words… all thoughts… all feelings which are emotional type… and absolutely silent confidence, you drink… like nectar of life (1986-0707.2)

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