Our priority should be our ascent (1985-0806); The first priority must be to allow yourself to be exposed to the Mother’s Presence, and to sit and just listen, and not go off to do some cooking or other work somewhere. This way we automatically go into Satwoguna. But if the Mother is not there, we should then compete in rising higher (1980-0517.2); Anything can be done… first of all you must have the pure desire to become that… forget about everything else (1998-0705)

The most important thing that God has to give us is His Love, His connection with us, His Kingdom, His Powers – we have just to accept the subtleties that take us to the realms of Joy and Collectivity (1980-0609); If we waste our time with other interests, other priorities, then our progress in Sahaja Yoga will not be so great (1979-1118); First and foremost, let all be germinated – it is necessary that everybody must be given Realisation (1980-0609)

Value Systems

We have risen above our human awareness, and our priorities must change, our value system has to change… and if it has not changed automatically, then we have to little bit deliberately work it out… or else we have to see that we become really the Spirit. Human endeavour is based on gathering property. Whether it is communism, or democracy, or socialism, or anything… it is going round and round the point of property… which may be land, or money, or anything. All economic activity surrounds that one point… of property. But as soon as you become a Realised Soul, you must know that your properties and your priorities are very different. Your property is your Spirit… and your priorities are where you can manifest your Spirit, or can feel the Spirit of others (1988-1226)

What is the ‘value’ of a thing… the value is not money. If you want to give something to others… then the ‘feeling’ you have in your heart… is the value… and that value is the real Lakshmi (1997-1102)


When we decide that we have to do Sahaja Yoga first, and that all other things are secondary, then only, Sahaja Yoga can be really established in us. If we are going to waste our time in thinking about other Sahaja Yogis, and small small things, and trivial things, then our disintegration is going to be increased (1979-1118); Once you are Realised, you must establish… it’s an essential part of the whole (1981-0511)

There is a common belief, that once we get Realisation we should be perfect – it is not so, we have to work it out… to sustain our Sahaja Yoga. We must not take it for granted. Some people come, get their Realisation and just enjoy for 5 or 6 weeks, or months or maybe hours, and then go back again to the same. At the very beginning, ego and superego get sucked in, but then they come back again. But when you start giving this Divine Power to others, you start gradually deepening into your own being, and feeling your source of Joy – life becomes full of Joy and happiness (1979-0507)

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