For a problem, the solution is not to have that thing which gives you problem… you can give up anything… anything you can give up, if you know how to detach yourself from that. Either it will work out… or it will not… what is in-between… where is the problem I don’t understand. Either it will… or it will not… keep 2 possibilities… that’s the only 2 possibilities… what is the 3rd possibility that gives you the problem… you tell me. Say somebody owes me money… alright… so either he will give me or he may not give me… what is the problem. The problem is that you want to avoid to face the truth… and that is to go and face it… if you face it directly, you will be amazed… there is no problem for anything. Say your car fails… so it fails… get down and enjoy yourself nicely til somebody comes along and takes you… or if supposing you don’t get a lift, alright stay there overnight… what is it… no tiger is going to eat you… and if the tiger has to eat you, it will eat… where is the problem… still I can’t see… and in any case nobody dies… you will be born again – if you look at it from that angle, then you’ll be surprised most of the problems do not exist… they are like bubbles… created by our own thinking (1987-1004)

If we are experiencing any problem, think of the heart, or of our Mother, and see the problem solved. We should solve our problems pragmatically – face it and solve it (1980-0613); I have no problem – I have only one problem… that you are within me, and when you have a problem, I have a problem… because these vibrations have to go to you… so I prepare vibrations here as an antidote… and they have to flow. It’s a very subtle thing (1980-0927)

All problems are due to bad centres. Problems, whether physical, mental, emotional, social, or material are due to bad centres, but which are cured by Kundalini (1987-1023); Our problems become subtler in us – be alert and dynamic, and work it out… each person! (1989-0611)

If there is a problem, which you are having all the time, then know that there is something wrong with you, with the instrument, which has to be corrected (1983-0723.3); All Sahaja Yogis have problems, and they have problems because of their past, and because of their future aspirations, but there are so many methods for overcoming them (1976-0330); Ego is the main problem (1979-1118)

There are only 2 problems: Left and Right. If it is a right side problem, just beat with shoes. If it is a left side problem, give bandhan, or burn name etc., but do not try to help a person directly – if you face a person and say ‘I’m trying to help you’, this is wrong, is ignorance. If you try to sympathise, then you are in trouble. Concern is the point – your attention is active, and acts – with no involvement… that is compassion. You have to cleanse your attention for that… have attention that is silent, witnessing, not involved, but is dynamic – it works (1987-0408); All the problems have come out of the overgrowth of the masculinity… it’s reached such a wretched point now, that it has to come down (1983-0821)

Sometimes problems are given to us by the Divine, for us to learn some lessons, to gain some experiences (1983-0723.1); English… have to learn to love (0.0011); Americans have to learn how to be self respecting (0.0011; 1982-0125)

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