If we waste our time with other interests, other priorities, then our progress in Sahaja Yoga will not be so great (1979-1118)


We have to judge ourselves, where is our attention, and what is the measure of our understanding, what is the measure of our progress in bringing round our attention. It is very simple – the Holy Mother has to be pleased, because She is the attention and if She is pleased, then we have done the job. She is not pleased by mundane things, but only by our ascent. So we must judge ourselves on this (1983-0723.3)


It is such a mutual thing between us, I can’t live without you, and you can’t live without me – it is so mutual. But from one side it is one 100% benevolent. Whether I get angry with you, whether I scold you, or pamper you, whether I say ‘don’t do that’ or ‘don’t come very close to me, keep away’, anything that I do like that is benevolent… to you. And the benevolence to me is only one – that you should be emancipated, that you should gain something out of me, that you should prosper out of me (1983-0723.3)

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