You are completely protected… be sure of it. And all your powers, after Realisation… of giving Kundalini awakening… of curing people… of talking about Sahaja Yoga… or of spreading it… any kind of thing that you want… is all granted (1980-1019); You can go and talk to anyone, whatever you like… they can’t harm you – this is a very great protection that you have… they cannot hinder your work (1989-0423); You are guarded all the time… the blessings of protection are all the time with a person who is a Realised Soul (1987-0513)

Give up all that you call as fear… all kinds of fear we have. These are all left sided things. What a left sided man has to know is, that he is now an enlightened soul, and no-one can touch him… leave alone destroy him. Those who will try, will in a very interesting manner be finished… not destroyed, but in a very jocular manner… you’ll laugh at that, and enjoy the way things are working out. So that’s why you don’t need any destructive powers… it will all be done by the All Pervading Divine Power (1992-0621)

So the way we have to work out our protection has to be mutual… the Mother of course is there to protect you all the time… her powers are there to protect you… but surprisingly in the modern times there’s one condition which has to be fulfilled… because in those days good were good, and evil were evil… there was no mixing… so once they asked for the Goddess, they accepted her… she came in her real form… and she worked it out. But in these modern times you must know that all these evil things are also lingering in your heads little bit, here and there (1991-1013)

So the Sahaja Yogis which are today here, have to realise that all these things are surrounding us… and these evil forces are also there. There are some within us… some are without… so it looks to be a very difficult task… but it’s not… because one condition, if you can understand… is that you have to recognise me. I know, I’m Mahamaya… I’m really very clever at it… but I’m truthful… but still I’m Mahamaya… so to recognise me what should we do… if we recognise, then you are protected. And the cleansing is the simplest thing in Sahaja Yoga… is to be collective. If you are not collective… then know that something wrong with you… if you are collective… if you are enjoying the collective, then you should know that you are clean… no blemish is there… you are absolutely alright (1991-1013)

Now the second part of this Mahamaya business… I had to be very close to you… I had to be extremely close… to talk to you… to have a rapport… to tell you everything about Sahaja Yoga. To come close in the real form would have been very dangerous… so one had to be a Mahamaya. But despite that, if you could recognise me… to understand me… that I am Divine Personality… an Incarnation… that’s all the Deities want. Then they’ll look after you in every way… they’ll give you all the powers… all the satisfaction… all the protection that you want (1991-1013)

Then how you behave is very important… you should not be artificial… or superficial… but best is to put your hand on your heart… both the hands… and just try to feel… your Mother is Adi Shakti… she has created all this Universe… she has created all this world… and she is for your protection – as soon as I come to know about your problems, my attention can work it out. All this protection is given to you because you are seekers of truth… and the truth is that I am the Adi Shakti incarnated. Once this truth becomes one with your self, there’s nothing to fear (1991-1013)

So just behind this recognition is all the powers… but if you are doubting… still half way this… that, then things won’t be alright. You shouldn’t worry about your reputation… just go full speed into any direction, knowing one thing… that you are my child, and that I am Adi Shakti… everything that looks horrible will become better… you have seen it now… don’t worry about anything… just know that I am the Adi Shakti… that all the powers of Gods and Goddesses… and all that, are within me… and they ‘are’ within me… and they are all looking after. But if that recognition is not there… they are not going to recognise you either (1991-1013)

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– end – 3 Oct 2002