Proteins 56 58


Proteins 56/58

Which invade our being from the areas built within us since our creation, the Collective Subconscious, causing cancer (1981-1005); Also protein 52 (1982-1008; 1982-0711); Protein 58 and 52 which triggers this happening of cancer within us, which enters into us… comes from some ‘unknown area’ which they call it… ‘which exists within us since our creation’… I call it as Collective Subconscious. Whatever is dead is on the left hand side… so they are actually talking of possession… a possession of a dead spirit or something… that means that such a thing enters our being and triggers cancer (1982-1007)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1982-1008 We don’t have to suffer, Bedford – see 1982-1007(Video) Good

1982-1007 Truth is to be achieved, Bedford – see 1982-1007(Video) Good 1981-1005 Beauty that you are – Houston good 70

1982-0711 Nabhi to Sahastrara, Derby good 90

– end – 20 May 2003