Psychologists have the worst Agnyas (1978-1218), and catch on left Swadisthan (1979-0507), and they may be one of the causes of people generally feeling guilty all the time for no reason at all. Freud was a perverted man who misled people into becoming ‘sexpoints’. On the contrary, Jung, after Realisation, was a good psychologist (1982-0711); Psychologists only think about the left side, but they don’t know that when you try to do psychoanalysis, you develop the ego… and then you go into an ego trip, which is even more dangerous than the Subconscious problem (1980-0907)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1978-1218 Agnya, Caxton Hall (first 15 mins poor quality) not good 70 1979-0507 Sahaja Yoga Introduction good 60

1980-0907 How to know where you are – Chelsham Road good 120 1982-0711 Nabhi to Sahastrara, Derby good 90

– end – 30 Apr 2003