Psychosomatic Problems


Psychosomatic Problems

May result if we follow wrong gurus (1983-0129); Tamogunis… left sided people… get lots of psychosomatic diseases, which are very dangerous and not curable by human doctors… so you have to take to Sahaja Yoga (1998-0712); The biggest sin of modern times, which is immorality, the ‘Sin against the Mother’, produces cancer which is also heat producing… and results in psychosomatic, or physical diseases, such as Aids, cancer etc… with delayed punishment (1994-1009; 1983-0113.2)

You must respect your body… if God has to enter into your being… your temple has to be corrected… you must respect your body. Then also, your mental being is going to be corrected… if you have any mental problems, any psychosomatic problems, they will be corrected… naturally, because the mind that is going to receive the knowledge of God has to be alright. And you are going to be emotionally absolutely stabilised, cooled down… in pure love (1979-0200.1)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1979-0200.1 Talk to westerners & about negativity – see 1979-0200 poor 65 1983-0113.2 L Mooladhara & Supraconscious, Dhulia (incl 30 min Med’n) good 60 1983-0129 Swadisthan Chakra, Delhi (False Gurus, & Conditionings) good 70 1994-1009 Navaratri Puja, Cabella good 55

1998-0712 To be obedient to the Guru, Cabella

Chakras affected: Left Side

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