The dedications and worships of God, that are organized by those who are gently dedicated to and seek the help of the Divine (1979-0530); Puja is very important – things are worked out through Puja (1985-0528); In Puja, the person who is saying the mantras should not get disturbed (1987-1016); Avoid all use of plastics. Silver is preferred to all other materials (1985-0806); When… I am sitting here… keep your eyes open… where are you going to meditate… meditate on me… keep your eyes open… just keep your eyes open (1985-0504)

At the time of Puja, you must try not to think… and try to suck my vibrations more… pay more attention to me (1987-1224); New people are not allowed to attend Pujas, because they do not understand, and will start analysing. Just sit quietly, and see with understanding… just feel the vibrations, with no thinking – be in thoughtless awareness, then the Deities within will be strengthened (1985-0421); Before coming to Puja, don’t talk too much, don’t discuss too much (1988-0105); In Puja, all your Chakras will be awakened… it’s a very deep experience… so come with an open mind… keep yourself open… with a receptive mind… and don’t talk in the morning too much… just take your breakfast… and come with a calm mind (1983-1001)

For Puja, you should not get people who are of mediocre nature, because to bear up Puja is very difficult… people have not yet understood the value of my Being, of my Feet, of my Hands… they cannot… they do not… deserve to be here. So do not get anybody, because he’s your friend, or brother or sister… it’s wrong… you are spoiling the chances of that poor person… because it’s too much for him… he cannot bear it… it’s meant for very few people (1980-0505); For Puja, we should not have people who are not at least in Nirvichara… means if they still think that Sahaja Yoga… will not suit me, and all that… we don’t want such mediocres… they should not come… nothing will work out with them… they are useless people for me… absolutely. If they have to come to the Puja… they must know that… you have to be of a calibre… otherwise please don’t come (1985-0504)

What we call the Amrut, means the Ambrose… of my Feet, is not meant for everyone… also the Blessings of the Puja are not meant for everyone… so try to avoid people who are not yet fully equipped. First they will start doubting… or there will be a problem with the protocol… it’s a very great privilege to be here… and this privilege cannot be granted to every person. This is a very great privilege that I am telling you all these things… that I am telling you that ‘sincerity is the key of your Self Realisation’… it’s a privilege… I’m giving you the key. Understand what a privilege it is for you to be here… what fortune… what reward, for what you have done… how many lives have been rewarded by being here. This will help you to do Puja in a more sincere manner (1980-0505)

In Puja when I see people doing Puja I know how far they are dedicated… because the way they do it with caution, with care, with awe, with understanding… everything is so beautiful… but if somebody is doing just a ritual thing, I get a fright… like they’ll do my Puja alright… mechanically… but some people may not even do any Puja… but they sit before the photograph… and talk to me heart to heart… without saying anything… but… to put it in the heart for some people is very difficult (1985-0310)

Puja works very well, because it satisfies lots of demands of past habits – that you feel that you are doing something about it; The Rishis and Munis have found out how to please the Deities, how to please the Mother. When you praise someone from the heart, that means that you are accepting it, and that is the time that the chakras start creating a force, by which you are thrown into the Realm of God. These methods of Puja, Prayer and Mantras have been found out by great Masters of Sahaja Yoga… and the effortless effort of the Sahaja Yogis makes my Body vibrate… extracts the essence from my Body, I should say. It makes the Infinite release itself through this Finite Being… and it works… it works very well (1976-0330)

The essence of Puja is how to overcome our material grossness; We must know that matter is given to us by God… everything belongs to God; So why do we give to God… after all God doesn’t need anything… but God is the enjoyer… the enjoyer is God in you… when God is there, that enjoys… that is the Spirit. So whatever pleases your Spirit is used in the Puja… is to be given; By showing light to God… what we do is we worship light within us… the light element gets enlightened within us. The light element is here on the Agnya. When you do Aarti or when you put light before God… when you show light to God, the light element within you gets enlightened; Supposing we give a flower to God… after all it’s God’s own creation… ‘what’ are we giving… (1980-0927); Now we must understand that… when you give me flowers… you ask for ‘flowers’ for your life… and… you have to give a ‘little’ money to me if you want to have money also… it’s important… not in person… but in the Puja (1985-0502)

When you give flowers, Mooladhara gets enlightened. These flowers when you give it to me, they give you two things. Flowers are very important… if they are beautiful, then they give to Swadisthan… if they are fragrant, they cure your Mooladhara. Now think of it… you are doing it to improve your chakras; When you get honey then your attention gets enlightened; Now you give rice to the Devi… rice should be put in her lap… now what is a little rice to a Devi… is that by putting rice… in you the satisfaction… of getting food that gives satisfaction is enlightened; But it should be done with dignity and understanding… it is for you to get the advantage (1980-0927)

Now in Sahaja Yoga it is proved now… when you rub my Feet, ‘you’ feel better, not me… you rub my hands, ‘you’ feel better… when you fall at my Feet ‘you’ feel better. So when you do for God, the blessings come to you… you are blessed. Whatever is the problem with you, you give to God to solve… also whatever satisfies you, you give to God… the satisfaction comes to you; Then other things are used… ghee is used, for… Shri Krishna is very fond of ghee or butter… so when you rub my Feet with say butter, your Vishuddhi will improve… ‘you’ know that… not mine… I have no problem… I have only one problem… that you are within me, and when you have a problem, I have a problem… because these vibrations have to go to you… so I prepare vibrations here as an antidote… and they have to flow (1980-0927)

It’s a very subtle thing to understand… to move from gross to Spirit… this is the thing by which you move… because first you enlighten your chakras… then by enlightening your chakras your Deities get happy, Prasanna… by making the Deities happy, you get a passage for the Kundalini to pass through… and by making the passage for the Kundalini, the Kundalini goes up… and then your attention starts becoming one with the Spirit. It is step by step you move, from matter to subtler matter, from subtler matter to your chakras, from chakras to Deities, from Deities to… the Spirit. Then Spirit enjoys itself… so there, you do not have to do anything. That’s why these things were prescribed… people could not see this linkage… they thought why should we give anything to God… after all it is all his own – you have reached a stage where you have to detach yourself from matter (1980-0927)

Before Puja, you must take your bath… in the morning don’t talk to anyone… be in hushed condition… you are in for opening out to the great power which is going to solve the problems of the world… so you cleanse yourself… you wash yourself. You cleanse yourself so that you get your chakras evolved. It doesn’t mean that you take to Sanyasa or anything… you should live like normal people… like dignified people… nothing of indignity, childishness or joker-like, clownish or outstandingly funny… all these dresses should not be worn. You should be properly dressed, in a way that you have a ‘presence’ (1980-0927)

You know that after Puja, I get a little tired, because if you cannot receive it, that force… I want to sleep and get rid of that additional vibrations… into Sushupti… by entering into the Infinite state. That means that when you are doing Puja, receive it also – be in thoughtless awareness when you are doing Puja, completely concentrated and receiving. But people are talking, are moving about

– that is the time the nectar is oozing out… you just receive it at that time, with full devotion. If you feel the vibrations of my chakras at that time… you will realise that even the minute small little wheels in my body are moving at different speeds… and different dimensions… and I don’t know how to explain… but it creates a melody… and you have to receive it… and it is a melody individually suitable for every individual… and when you recive it… it triggers in you that state of infinity. So at that time of Puja you must know that… all your attention should be in reception (1976-0330)

Now we must meditate also after Puja, because my vibrations you do not suck in without meditation, I have seen. If you have sincerity about it, really… you will suck all my vibrations. Tell your mind not to ask questions or to misbehave… but to suck the vibrations clearly. This is for your own nourishment… for your own growth… for your own enjoyment (1980-0505)

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