We have certain dharmas within us, and these dharmas are to be observed… to get Punyas (1988-1217); Even in Puja, you must try to help to decorate… to organise things… you should not act like guests all the time… otherwise how will you get the Punyas (1987-1224)

The dharmas are:

Firstly to be innocent, and to be a holy person, not to try to justify anything inauspicious or wrong… and to stand by a Sahaja Yogi when in confrontation with a non Sahaja Yogi, even if the non Sahaja Yogi is right (1988-1217)

Secondly to appreciate and understand the beauty of nature, to live with nature, not wanting artificial things, and to understand the creativity of human beings, buying things for enjoyment as art, and not for their resale value, and which must be auspicious and holy, not ugly or obscene (1988-1217)

Thirdly to be a good householder, and a gentle personality, respecting each other, respecting your children, your household, your family (1988-1217)

Fourth is to not behave in an illegal manner, but to be law abiding people, and, regarding money, to be generous… to help others to develop themselves in Sahaja Yoga (1988-1217)

Then to have a kind and sensitive heart, never being harsh, never punishing, or judging others, but being very kind and gentle with others (1988-1217)

Then is the dharma of collectivity… we should understand how to behave, how to carry on in collectivity, how to make everybody happy… never talk ill of others, and never to go to Shri Mataji and tell ill of others, but to tell good things of others. Best is to forget and forgive (1988-1217)

Finally in Sahastrara is to surrender your ego and your superego, your bad conditionings, without thinking… automatically, spontaneously… with a kind of shy bashful understanding about yourself, which gives you such a beautiful countenance and a beautiful temperament. Then this understanding of doing things for Sahaja Yoga, of doing things for others, and enjoying… that is the greatest Punya (1988-1217)

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– end – 17 Jun 2003