Pure Desire


Pure Desire

The pure vibrations of Mahakali Shakti, which is the pure desire of attaining the Spirit… is the real desire… all other desires are like a mirage (1982-1219); The Kundalini is the pure desire… the pure desire… that means that all other desires are impure. There is only one pure desire, and that is the desire to be one with the Divine, to be one with Brahma, one with God. This desire to be one with the Divine is the purest and the highest, and to achieve that… what we have to do to achieve that… you have to keep your Mother pleased… very simple… not try to be cunning or clever with Mother – She knows everyone very well – but try to tell yourself that I should try to say things… try to behave in a manner that will please my Mother (1983-0121)

Some people achieve maturity much faster than others… despite the fact that they may have been ruined by many… but still they do it. What makes it very quick is the left side, what we call Mahakali’s power… or we can call it as Iccha Shakti… the power of Desiring. If the power of Desiring is very strong, and comes from your heart… absolutely from your heart… then it works much faster. Once you put your heart to it, everything will work out well… because the whole force is coming from your heart… because in the heart resides the Spirit. So the only judging point is… ‘am I doing it from my heart… or… am I doing it superficially’ (1979-1009.1)

– Jai Shri Mataji –

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