Pure Intelligence


Pure Intelligence

It is necessary to meet collectively every day to avoid problems… only in collectivity maturity starts – it is a living process. If we are not collective, we will disappear one day. It is like a tree, where everything belonging to that tree grows – if a leaf separates off, it dies – we have to stick onto the tree. In winter, leaves fall, because a little bark forms a barrier inbetween, and they fall off. The same thing happens in Sahaja Yoga, when we do not accept the principles of Sahaja Yoga – we put a barrier. So we have to open ourselves up to suck the sap – give up the ego and superego, our conditionings, and ideas of before… and so we surrender. This does not help the tree, but it helps you. Pure intelligence gives you that sense, to do this. Then all the blessings start to come (1987-1016)

And above all, the vibrations part, which you have to see… if you do something… and if the vibrations are going down, then of course… ‘I’m a Sahaja Yogi… to me vibrations are my ascent’ – is the most important thing. So to develop discretion on the right hand side, you have to know your goals, your destination… you must know on what path you are standing… where you are brought… where are you today… you are not like other people – that kind of a discretion you develop within yourself… for that you need pure intelligence (1988-0710)

Pure Intelligence… or Egoless intelligence (1989-0814.1); That which gives the sense to give up ego and superego, and to surrender to that collective process, by accepting the principles of Sahaja Yoga, and thereby growing, and maturing (1987-1016); Comes from a pure heart (1987-1016); To know what is Asahaj frivolous nonsense (1986-0305); Those who worship Shri Krishna become brainy people, but without ego – egoless intelligence, or pure intelligence (1989-0814.1); All our brain activity goes against pure intelligence; Our thinking can make us so bumptious, so ego oriented, so impure (1983-0113)

The most intelligent person is the one who knows that our intellect is just an ego trip… this is the sign of Pure Intelligence… of Pure Understanding… that the heart is the ruler… there resides the Spirit which is the most intelligent thing within us… and the inspiration of the Spirit is the manifestation of the Pure Intellect of God… and what I told you today is the Intellect of the Heart… but of the brain… zero (1982-0402)

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