To become the Spirit; To get Realisation; To get Atma- Sakshatkar (1983-0208, 1983-0204); To ascend and help others to ascend… by introspection and seeing ourselves… by meditation and not seeing the defects of others… by being collective (1987-1016); Shri Krishna taught that the lower goal is to be given up for the higher goal (1983-0202)

We are made human beings… to feel that Divine Power… to manoeuvre that Divine Power… and thus enjoy the Bliss of Divinity (1982-0514); We have been manifested to achieve our own powers (1979-0616)… to be vehicles of God’s Powers (1983-1001); Try to become cheerful, blissful, happy, dignified, sensible… sweet (1980-0927)

You are specially made by God… specially chosen by God to be human beings… and you are here with a very great purpose. The first purpose of God is that you should become the vehicles of God’s powers… completely… so that he flows through you… that he flows into the atmosphere… into the Universe… to make it a Divine Place. The second purpose… that God has prepared you now to settle into His Kingdom… that’s your right… to be there (1983-1001)

One should try to be careful and alert about oneself, and not depend on any other person for help in this, but should try to completely consolidate one’s own being into the Kingdom of God, and to occupy the highest seat in the Heart of God Almighty (1979-0928); This is a very precious time, which should not be lost. All our lives we have done jobs, earning money, marrying, having children and dying. This time let us do something special, for which this whole Universe was created – and open the gates of Heaven for the rest of the people (1979-1015)

In the realm of God, we have to be meaningful to him… not that he should be meaningful to us. We should change our attitude towards him… we should say… what have we done for God… then you will get ideas what is to be done… how to work it out (1985-0310); Creation has to know it’s Creator (1982-0710)

So now we have to be wise, and see what is destroying us… what is destroying our inner being. For Sahaja Yogis it is very important… because if they can hold it… with their wisdom, and firm faith in Sahaja Yoga… after some time the whole thing can subside… and this is what has to happen actually to the world… otherwise they can be blown off also – if they are not rightly placed… if they are not grounded. If they are not fixed to their own enlightened faith of Sahaja Yoga, they can be blown off with this wind, which is there to torture… to destroy the whole world. So the responsibility of Sahaja Yogis is very important… that their Ganesha principle is alright… if it is not alright then the whole Sahaja Yoga movement can collapse (1993-0721)

Our idea is that by God’s Grace we are so many… and if we want we can transform the whole world… we can bring peace, joy and bliss to this world… bliss and joy… for this we have to have our balance, our ascent… and then the desire to fly into the whole Universe. How to do it… you can find out yourself… it’s not difficult… how can I do it… face yourself… find out about yourself… don’t justify yourself… don’t be miserable… you have to be joyous, happy, balanced, well behaved, sober. Outwardly it will show, whatever is inward – all your dignity will express… if there is dignity. So all these things can be built from inside out… not from outside in. So lets work it out that way… then things will be very easy, because now you have a state where you are separated from yourself. So that is the state of Nirvikalpa, where you are not attached to anything… you have no diseases… you have no troubles… you are above everything… you do not try to complicate things for me… you do not try to say things more than me… you just take it… a hint… is sufficient… Mother said so, alright. If she has said something there must be something in it… we must understand (1985-0310)

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– end – 13 Mar 2003