Once you become the universal being, then you realise that this skin deep complexion makes no difference in the world… so you don’t start hating somebody who is darker than you, or who is fairer than you… both ways it works. It’s not only the people who are fair that hate the darker ones, but those who are darker also hate equally… and mutually they believe that they are all absolutely wrong (1992-0621); Now we have become Universal Beings… and as that we don’t have any of these dividing factors, which divide human beings, such as race, or any higher or lower caste… this is no more there (1988-0921)

Love is not there, if you discard someone because he’s black… or he’s brown… or he’s white… it’s very superficial… the American system somehow or other goes against democracy… not only… but against what Abraham Lincoln wanted. If there are the same colours everywhere, they all will look like military people… they have to have different colours… different hues… look at the flowers… the trees… the different hues in the sky… just to make us happy. What gives us happiness is variety… variety is the sign of beauty… if there is no variety, it’s so boring I tell you (1997-0823.1)

Tape References

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– end – 17 Jun 2003