Radhaji was a very pure woman (1997-0823.1), and was the second incarnation of the Mahalakshmi principle (1991-0003); The one who sustains the energy – from Ra (Energy) and Dha (Sustains) (1987-0816.1); She was Ahladadayini, the giver of Ahlada, Joy (1991-0001); In India, when taking Krishna’s name, Radha precedes Krishna, as in Radha Krishna – the energy before the Deity (1981-1006); Radha Krishna… the mantra for the Vishuddhi… and is for where there are… problems of ears, nose and throat… or where you get bad colds… or where you get your attention diverted (1985-0502)

Radha, in the Vaikuntha stage, created this great personality of the Son of God… the greatest of all… the Adhara… the Support of the Universe… this Mahavishnu… who incarnated on this Earth as our Lord Jesus Christ. She created him like an egg, out of which one half was kept as the seed, as Shri Ganesha, as the Spirit… and the other half was created as Jesus Christ – see the symbolism of Easter… like an egg… people knew about it somehow… why do we have Easter Eggs. The whole egg was nothing but the egg of the Divine Power, which had to manifest this Divine Power on this Earth; Radha is nobody else but Mother Mary herself… she is Mahalakshmi (1981-1006)

It was Radha who killed Khamsa, not Krishna… he had to ask Radha to come and kill him… it’s the power that kills (1991-1013)

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