Raising Left Side


Raising Left Side

The left side subtle system raised and taken over to the right side, by movement of the right hand, to bring the system into balance (1983-0121), and is done when the right hand is burning but not the left hand… that is when a person is right sided, being an intellectual or futuristic person (1983-0512); If we have ego, we should raise the left side, and put it to the right side… there’s no other way out… you have to work it out with your hands (1983-0121)

More Right sided… put his Left to the Right… for Right sided, Left to the Right… raise Left to the Right… what work do you do… some physical… that’s why… Left to the Right… no no… other way round… because you do physical work too much that’s why… now it’s better (1984-0622)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1983-0512 Hampstead – see 1984-0802 (Video)

1983-0121 How to proceed – Vaitarna – see 1983-0104.1 – side B good 35 1983-0512 How to talk to new people, Hampstead [+PP video set 1/2] good 25 1984-0622 South Bank Polytechnic, London good 40

– end – 6 Apr 2003