Raja Janaka

Raja Janaka

Who was one of the Incarnations of the Master Principle, the Primordial Master, or Guru (1983-1001); The father of Sita (1979-1202.4); Who lived in Bihar, in India, and talked of the 2nd birth and the need to be born again; At the time of Raja Janaka, there was only one… who got Realisation… Nachiketa (1979-0720; 1979-1203)

Who was a king… yet still he was so detached, that all the Saints used to go and touch his feet. He had all the luxuries of life… he lived in a palace… yet there were thousands of people in the procession, who were throwing pearls on him. Nachiketa, thinking he should get a pearl for himself, went to Raja Janaka, and asked for Self Realisation… but Raja Janaka said ‘I can give you all my kingdom, but not Self Realisation… because you are possessed by the idea of money… such a person cannot get Self Realisation’ (1996-0716)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1996-0716 Mahalakshmi Puja, Moscow – see 1996-0710 good 40

1979-0720 Cardiff Public Program good 30

1979-1203 When You meet Me – Caxton Hall good 35 1983-1001 Santa Cruz interview good 45

– end – 12 Apr 2003