Raja Yoga


Raja Yoga

Somebody talks of Raja Yoga, that you cut your tongue, push it back… and by that you can raise the Kundalini… it is absurd… when the Kundalini is rising this tongue is little bit pulled inside no doubt automatically… you don’t feel it also… and is released again… but by cutting the tongue and putting it back, do you think the Kundalini will rise… it’s so superficial… it’s so artificial (1983-0308)

It’s all humbug… it’s all nonsense they have written… absolute nonsense it is… that’s not Raja Yoga at all. It is written, in Sanskrit language, that when the Kundalini rises, she becomes Kriyawati and Gnyanawati and all that… means that she becomes active… activity comes into her. So according to Raja Yogis, when the Kundalini rises you start jumping like a monkey. It is not so… but it means that the activity comes into you… that you start moving the Kundalini of others. That’s how they have formed a huge big area of so-called Raja Yogis… and they say ‘this is Raja Yoga’ (1979-1202.3)

So what is Raja Yoga… is where the central path of Mahalakshmi goes into play… where the Kundalini rises, and she tries to control the centres… and… all the actions of the Parasympathetic… is Raja Yoga (0.0012)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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0.0012 Weekend seminar in Pune, Tape 2 good 50

1983-0308 1/2 Hour Intro talk – Melbourne (plus Q & A-25 mins) good 30

– end – 27 Oct 2003