Raksha Bandhan


Raksha Bandhan

Celebrates the purity of the brother/sister relationship, expressed by the relationship of Shri Vishnumaya and Shri Krishna (1990-0811.1); Which pure relationship is essential in Sahaja Yoga, and also for one’s ascent, and is the Ganesha Principle on the Vishuddhi Chakra (1990-0807)


An Indian custom, where a lady chooses a brother, and ties a thread to his wrist, and where there then exists a strong brother/sister relationship, where each then looks after the other (1987-0513)

On the day of Rakshabandhan, if anybody sends you this thread, you have to wear it… or if this thread is tied on your wrist… then you become brother and sister… it’s so important. In India, a sister’s husband is something very great. Now in Sahaja Yoga, brotherhood is the most important thing… that is the friendliness among ourselves. When you are very good brothers and sisters, first of all your left Vishuddhi improves – we get this left Vishuddhi, because we don’t have proper brother and sister relationship… it’s not that we should have our ‘own’ sister… but ‘any’ woman who is a Sahaja Yogini is your sister… except for your own wife. Unless and until we develop that pure feeling within ourselves, you cannot work out Sahaja Yoga… I know it’s rather difficult to digest… but it’s a fact (1986-0818)

A pure relationship must exist between brother and sister… supposing a brother and sister are walking, they won’t look at each other will they… will they be watching each other… no! When your brother and sister relationship goes off… you get into troubles… very much into troubles. To get rid of all the lust from our eyes, we are celebrating this beautiful auspicious day (1986-0818); One has to try to get very pure eyes… thou shalt not have adulterous eyes… this is what we have to follow… all of us… and our attention has to be alright… for that this Raksha Bandhan is a very good thing (1986-0818)

Now I don’t know who you have chosen to be your sister today, but it should not be just a lip service… all your life you have to remember she’s your sister… you have to look after her benevolence, and her good life… and she has to bless you… and she has to pray to God that you should be always protected (1986-0818)

So what you can do… one each everybody should have, and should tie… exchange it. One person should tie to one person… not that everybody ties to one person… that’s not good. Is to be tied to the brother only… but in North India, they also tie to their sister… so that’s here now. So the sister’s is on the left hand… and the brother’s is on the right hand… to the men on the right side, and to the ladies on the left. Ask each other’s names… you must know your brother’s names (1986-0818)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1986-0818 Raksha Bandhan, Hampstead – see 1986-0823.1 good 20 1987-0513 Melbourne PP [PP video set 4/5,6] good

1990-0807 Raksha Bandhan Puja – Los Angeles good 50

1990-0811.1 Shri Saraswati Puja, Vancouver, Canada [+3 min music] good 40

– end – 4 Oct 2002