Sinful people; False Gurus (2001-0278); The devil (2010-3308); Devilish people (2010-8298), demonic people, who are by nature aggressive and full of ego, who want to overpower everyone (50000.28), and who entice men and women. The men entice women, and the women entice men – is a quality of Rakshasas and Rakshasis, not of human beings, or of Devas (2061-2238)

Satanic (MME), or evil forces, that are here to demolish the Kingdom of God, that build up in order to drag down the Seeker, who is about to enter the Kingdom Of God. They are very subtle, and come as ‘God-men’ and ‘God-women’… in the garb of religion, and enter into the minds of thousands of seekers, into their egos and superegos, and are to be fought (2000-6308)

The Rakshasas in India were more living in the northern parts, and fell into different categories… those who run after women… the women who try to dominate… and men who try to be like women – they were called by different names… Rakshasas or Vaytalas etc. In India now-a-days, women who try to entice men are called as Shuparnakas (50000.28)

All the Rakshasas, which the Devi killed thousands of years back, are back in the seat again, but the problem is different at the present moment. Try to understand. There is no hard and fast rule, as to say who is a real negative, and who is a real positive, in this Kali Yuga… so many Rakshasas have entered into your brain. You side with so many people who are wrong, who are doing all kinds of wrong things… in the name of politics… in the name of religion… of progress… of education etc. Once you have sided with them, they are in your brain, and when they are within you, how to destroy them? You may be a good person, but you may be destroyed, because of having them in your head (1990-9287)

So it is essential that you take up Sahaja Yoga in the most dedicated manner, and give up all these things that make you compromise, and make you a horribly mixed up person. Only Sahaja Yoga is going to cleanse you, and make you an absolutely positive person. This is the only way (1990-9287)

– end – 26 Dec 2002