Shri Rama

The ideal, benevolent King – 8000 years back (1981-1005), and more than 2000 years before Shri Krishna (1997-0600); The Deity on the right heart, with qualities of the ideal father and husband (1981-1005); Who fought Ravana… after whom, men became very strict with their wives, taking to extreme the example of Shri Rama’s life (1997-0600); Who when he went into exile, went to settle in Maharashtra in Nasik, with his wife (1985-0000.2); He had two sons who he looked after for a short time (1987-1004); The king was an Incarnation… and also was a benevolent king. The Seer Valmiki wrote the whole story of Shri Rama. Rama was born in the dynasty of Surya, the Sun… and was born out of the blessings of Agni, that is the Fire… and he was one of the mildest of Avataras we have ever had (1987-1004)

Shri Ram was crowned as the king on Dassehra day… he also killed Ravana on this day. So after killing Ravana he came to Ayodya with his wife and he was crowned. So you can imagine how much advanced people were there at the time of Shri Rama and his kingdom (1987-1004)

Shri Ram had the most beautiful wife, of the most venerated father, Janaka… and who was the beloved son of his father… but he was such a humble man (1987-1004); Shri Rama… was married to Shri Sita (1989-0814.1)… the first incarnation of the Mahalakshmi principle (1991-0003)… who was rescued from Ravana by Shri Ram (1989-0814.1); Sita… whose father was Raja Janaka (1979-1202.4)… lived for so many years at Nasik, with Shri Rama and Shri Lakshmana (1983-0118); When Sita left him ultimately in a very mysterious way she just disappeared in the Mother Earth… because Mother Earth had given her birth, so she disappeared into Mother Earth. Then Shri Rama became absolutely lost, and he jumped into the river and disappeared in the water element (1987-1004)

Rama… who was a Kshatriya, as was Shri Krishna (1979-0200.1); Rama… who… was born on the right side… who was ‘on’ the right side… who ‘was’ the right side – he is the son of Surya… everything comes from the Sun, to him. He asked for the Moon – the Moon represents the Atma… the cooling capacity. You are all on the right side… you ask for the Moon… ask for the Spirit (0.0011)

Shri Rama was known to be a very formal person… Sankoch… that he would go to any extent to bear upon himself the problems, than to tell others to do something… this is one of the greatest qualities of Shri Rama… that he would not order anyone do anything for him. The softness of Shri Rama goes to the extremes… which I call the Sankoch (1987-1004; 1986-1223)

Now what is Shri Rama… Shri Rama is the Benevolent King… he works for the benevolence… and Shri Rama himself is a formal king… like Sankocha we call it. Shri Rama is the one who will not push forward himself… he keeps back… he’s very balanced… he’s a very poised person… so the Hanumana , he’s the one who’s always anxious to do the work of Shri Rama… always. Shri Rama told him… ‘go and get the Sanjeevani’… Sanjeevani is the kind of herb that was needed to bring Lakshmana to life… he went and brought the whole mountain with him (1990-0831)

Shri Rama…who was Sankochi, meaning full of Grace (1985-0000.2), and one of whose qualities was to keep any promise once made (1982-0402); Who observed the Mariadas or boundaries of dharma, and who had forgotten his own Divinity (1990-0818)… that he was the evolutionary aspect of God, Shri Vishnu (1979-0530); Who had played his Maya upon himself, to forget that he was Divine, and so become the complete human being Mariada Purushotama (1979-1202.1)

Ram is called as Mariada Purushotama… means he was the one who knew how far to go with someone… Mariadas… how to talk to someone… how to approach someone (1987-1004); Mariada Purushotama is the one who is highest among all the men… with his ‘all the Mariadas’… ‘all the boundaries’. The boundaries are such that you do not try to overpower others… do not try to take their seats. For example I’ve seen those who are aggressive also show up in our programs… they will be the first before me… as soon as I open the gates they will be somewhere there standing… they will be the first in everything… that’s not being Mariada… you should be at the back. There are leaders you have got… they can sit in the front… try to be on the back… to be in the background… is the most respectable thing to do. To go forward… to jump forward… to stand near the door if

Mother is coming you see… as soon as I see the person I say… ‘oh back again’. There are some who do Aartis just to show off… some throw flowers to show off… they must be the first… and somehow or another they get also the position because of their assertions and asking – their leaders have to be careful and not to give such duties to people who really upset me very much… because of their arrogance… and because of their showing off (1987-1004)

As a child Rama was studying with a very great saint called Vasistha, who had an ashram where Rama and his brothers studied. He had the capacity to kill a demon with only one arrow… it’s called Ekabahn… one arrow was sufficient of Shri Rama… and he was a small child, say 7 or 8 years of age… and people were surprised how he could do it (1982-0402); When you do the Havan, it is a Yagnya… and it was very much in vogue at the time of Rama… and means ‘by which you know’… Gnya means to know… Yagnya… and this is done where you use Swaha as the word… means you use the principle of fire to burn off all that is wrong in you… Swaha… and you awaken it by taking the different names of God… and they used to do Yagnyas at that time. On the left side of course people started the worshipping of God and the dedication to God, and all those things… that is Bhakta… but mainly what they did before Rama was the Yagnyas… the Vedas with which they prayed to different elements (1982-0402)

So these Yagnyas were created to awaken, evoke the Deity inside the spinal cord actually… and they used to sit down and do all these Havanas the way we do it. At that time the Rakshasas would come and try to spoil the Yagnyas… which are to be done with pure heart and with cleanliness and purity… and should not be insulted… there is a protocol about it. Rama as a child would go and protect them from the demons. The demons would take some sort of a funny form and come like invisible creatures and put some bones of animals and things like that in the Yagnya… to spoil it. The early life of Rama, you see how as a child he showed an amount of expertise in bow and arrow… and how to make out a Rama statue, is to see if there is bow and arrow. So his coming on this earth gave us the development of the right side… and so the Yagnya is also on the right side. He was here in Preta Yuga… and Krishna came at the time of Dwapar Yuga… and today is the time when I came was Kali Yuga… but now today the time is of Krita Yuga… the Yuga where work will be done (1982-0402)

Now he had 2 brothers… I mean he had other brothers also… but Bharat and Lakshmana… these were 2 brothers… they show the 2 sides of a human being… one was Lakshmana… he was the fiery type… he couldn’t bear anybody misbehaving towards Rama, even Parashurama… a contemporary Incarnation of Shri Rama. Shesha as they call it, the Serpent which sleeps in the Bhavasagara… on which Shri Vishnu rests… the same Shesha had taken birth as Lakshmana. Now for a western mind… to them snakes are sort of… they can’t understand why people worship snakes. You see snakes are like cobra… cobra and all that are like the kings you see… they are the kings of the underground… and Shesha is the one who supports the whole Universe… so this Shesha is worshipped, as the cobras are worshipped in many villages in India even today. You see they don’t trouble anyone… sometimes they do… but mostly they do not bite a good religious man. Shesha is the one who is sometimes expressed in Sahaja Yogis I have seen as anger when you try to be nonprotocolish… or when you try to be funny, or you don’t behave yourself… that’s the Shesha in them… that is also sometimes needed

– you have to be a Shesha sometimes because otherwise people will start misbehaving, and by that they will be harmed… not that I will be harmed, but that they will be harmed (1982-0402)

The other one is very interesting… is that of Bharata the brother… he showed how Shri Rama bestowed the kingdom to him because of his mother’s agitation. Shri Rama’s another great quality was… once given, a promise is to be kept… this is another quality we have to have… that if you have promised anything, you have to keep it up… if you have said ‘I will do this’… you must do it (1982-0402)

Now… sincerity which is coming from your heart is to be seen… and that’s what is Shri Rama’s character is. Rama was on the right side of the heart… means the heart put to activity… do you understand that. When you are in the left heart that’s your sincerity… your heart felt thing… but the heart felt thing… what’s the use you see. There are many Sahaja Yogis who really feel this world is horrible and something must be done… Sahaja Yoga must be brought in… but how many of you are really putting that to action… absolutely into action. Without that your Rama’s tattwa cannot be improved. Rama’s tattwa is only improved when you put all the things into action… that’s exactly what Shri Rama did (1982-0402)

There is another quality of Shri Rama… is Sankoch. There’s no word in English language… because you have ‘formality’… which is a very insipid word to describe Sankoch… because there is no ‘integration’ between your ‘heart’ and ‘formality’… but if you can think of a ‘formality of the heart’, what do you call that… sweet formality… it’s an action… formality of the heart… in action you see. Not to say something in such a way that you touch the wrong side of a person… is Sankoch. The delicacy of understanding. You see… this arrogance and rudeness comes to us because we have no Sankoch. That Sankoch, that understanding comes if you love someone and understand (1982-0402)

Shri Rama… is the embodiment of all the good qualities in a man… like Sankoch… you see there is a Sankoch… like not… sort of… to go to somebody’s house… and then… to start demanding… this and that… rather…you should be… worried… how far to go with a person… how far to talk to a person… how far to go with your wife… with your children… you see… all that is Sankoch… means… restraint… in a wise way… enlightened restraint… how far to go is the question (0.0012)

Now you have to love all the seekers of the world… they have done wrong… they have done all kinds of ego trips… they have done all kinds of mistakes… but your Mother loves them… and you have to love them. If they have to be corrected, I’ll do that… you just don’t do that way that they feel hurt. So we have a Sahaja Yoga tradition also in which when we speak to each other, we have that Sankoch within us of Shri Ram… and if you don’t have that Sankoch you get right heart… and that right heart is a very dangerous thing in the country like England where the climate is so bad… because it gives you the horrible thing called Asthma. You get Asthma if your right heart is caught… not necessarily that asthma will come only from right heart… can also come from centre heart… but if you get right heart, you definitely get asthma. So this Sankoch one has to learn… the Mariadas… means the boundaries of your relationships. Shri Rama is known for his boundaries… he doesn’t cross the limit… in everything. Now there is no word for discretion of the heart in English language… which is Mariada… discretion of the heart is… how far to go (1982-0402)

Those people who are obedient to me are very powerful Sahaja Yogis… you know that… and those who are not, go down very fast. I have seen those who are disobedient, who don’t listen to me, who are rude to me, who do not understand the protocol… go down very much in Sahaja Yoga… because what is lacking in you is the discretion, the Mariada… how far to go. You have to be powerful people and the power of a person increases by putting Mariadas – supposing you have wheat, and you spread it, it will spread all over and anybody, birds will come and eat it up… it will be finished. But if you put it in a sack, it will have a weight… it will have a size… it will rise in height… is useful… and it will have respect. But the thing that is all spread all over will never be respected. Nothing works out without Mariadas… you have to keep your Mariadas. All our ideas of freedom are to be bound by Mariadas… if the freedom has no Mariadas, it is abandonment… it is a nonsense… it is not going to help (1982-0402)

The sweetness of Shri Ram… the way he used to make people feel comfortable… like I would say an example of an oyster, who gets a little stone into the body of the shell… takes out a kind of shiny liquid and covers it with that shiny liquid and makes it into a pearl to be comforted. Now he didn’t want his own comfort… Shri Ram wanted to make everyone into a diamond or a pearl, so that the other person would shine… and would look nice (1987-1004); Another character about him was he was consistent… he was never inconsistent like Shri Krishna… Shri Krishna was a diplomat… and diplomacy is in being inconsistent (1987-1004)

Shri Ram is placed on the right hand side of your heart. The right heart is a very important thing… and looks after the whole lungs… both the lungs… all the throat… the trachea… the nose, the inner part. The outer side is looked after… we can say the features are given by Shri Krishna… but the inner part of it is all done by Shri Rama… they are the same, but one acts as the inner, the another acts as the outer… it gives you the ears… the inner part Shri Rama does… he gives you the eyes, the inner part of the eyes. Now it’s so important to have the inner part alright… it’s an example of Shri Rama… he never cared for the outer side or the outer looks of a person… and because he came before Shri Krishna he tried to build up the inner side of a human being… so we can say though he’s on the right heart, he acts through your Hamsa Chakra and partly through your Vishuddhi Chakra in the inner side of it… because Shri Krishna in the inner side of it is Shri Rama… is Shri Vishnu. Water is the main element of Shri Vishnu… so they were all plump people (1987-1004)

Now this man had to give up his wife… the society in which he lived, the state which he ruled had an objection for a wife who had lived with Ravana… and the public started talking about it… so as a good king he just decided his wife should be left for ever… and then he sent her on a beautiful chariot with his Prime Minister and his brother Lakshmana… to the ashram of Valmiki. She was Adi Shakti… graciously she accepted. When she was kept by Ravana, Ravana was so frightened of her Shakti that he would not… he could not touch her… and when Hanuman brought the ring of Shri Rama and presented to her… and he said ‘I can easily take you on my back’… she said ‘Shri Rama is a brave king… he should come himself and fight and kill this Ravana… because he’s evil… and then I will go with him’. Ravana was such a horrid fellow… he did all kinds of things to her… but she kept calm and quiet, waiting for her husband to come back… can we think of such women in modern times… so satisfied with themselves… so much in balance… so much full of confidence and strength… this is the message of Sita’s life (1987-1004)

The benevolence of Shri Rama was shown when he started ruling the people… he cared for the needs of the people… for him it was important that the people who he ruled should be happy and joyous… he looked after them with great love. Now Hanumana who is the Angel Gabriel… who is innocence, simplicity and dynamism… and whose whole life was spent in serving Shri Rama… was such a dedicated bhakta of Shri Ram. Hanumana had Navadha Siddhis… 9 Siddhis… Anima… Gadima… Raguma… and all sorts of things… that he could become small… he could become big… he could… so many things he had… yet despite all these siddhis and the amount of power he had, Shri Rama once asked him to go and get a particular kind of herb, Sanjeevani… to rub on the head of Lakshmana who was very sick and dying. So he went and couldn’t find it, so he brought the whole mountain and gave to Shri Rama. With all that power he was such a humble person… and such a dedicated person. This is the sign of a powerful Sahaja Yogi… anybody who is powerful has to be humble and non violent (1987-1004)

Shri Rama by his character, by his balance, his peace and his mildness and his sweetness has shown us how a king should be a benevolent king… and at the same time a very loving husband and a loving father. He walked down to Maharashtra bare feet to vibrate the land… because Sahaja Yogis will be going one day to Maharashtra and it has to be a vibrated land. In Ayodya he never took out his shoes, because he was the king there… but when he and Sita both of them went to Maharashtra… they took out their shoes to vibrate it. On the way he saw a big stone, which was nothing but a lady cursed to be a stone… Ayilia… and he made her, just by touching… come back to life (1987-1004)

Shri Rama stands for Pranava… is for the vital air that we take in… and that vital air when it gets heated up, we have to know we are not any more with Shri Ram… it has to be the cool air to blow through your nose and your mouth. When you are angry the nostrils swell up and the hot air, the hot words and everything hot, the heated eyes and everything goes up like that… and you become ferocious like Ravana, because you have forgotten the beauty of the nature of Shri Ram (1987-1004)

Shri Rama represents the fatherhood within us… those people who are not good fathers develop problems of the right Heart… also those people who are not good husbands develop right Heart. This Right Heart is so important… especially in the West where the climate is so funny… and you have to keep inside your rooms and closed all the time… that you get all dried up inside – at that time if you don’t have that sweetness, that warmth, that kindness of Shri Rama you get the trouble of asthma – so many people die of asthma in the West. On top of that you fight with your wives, you ill treat them, you take away their money, you cheat them in their money… in every way you torture them, then it becomes even worse(1987-1004)

Because Sitaji was Shri Lakshmi… and because Sitaji was the one who was the power of Shri Rama… so this Lakshmi gets annoyed with you when you are a bad father or a bad husband… that’s why the Gruhalakshmi is very important… but the woman has to be the Gruhalakshmi… she should not be a shrew… and then the husband is supposed to be kind to her. The woman has to be the Gruhalakshmi… a beautiful woman… with a very sweet nature… and talking to her husband in a very Sankoch manner… and also looking after the children, the family and the guests who come to them (1987-1004)

In case the women have all such qualities which disqualify them from being Gruhalakshmis… of course there’s no need to beat, but I mean to say that what is it that you have to drive out all these baddhas from your women… is very important… otherwise if you fail in this activity of keeping your wives on right lines, you might also get right Heart and Asthma. Those men who torture their wives have a very bad heart… in the same way those who play into the hands of their wives also have a very bad heart… you have to be in balance. You are the husband and she is your wife, and both are responsible for keeping a very good family relationship… it’s not one sided… it’s not the husband only or the wife… but both of them (1987-1004)

So we have to create out of Sahaja Yogis great politicians. It has been predicted that if Sahaja Yoga does not spread, then 3rd world war will be inevitable… people will suffer a lot with 3rd world war. It is possible to avoid it if people take to Sahaja Yoga in a big number… but if they do not, there will be a 3rd world war… and the effect of that will harm people so much that ultimately it is the Sahaja Yogis who will be called for a conference and not the diplomats – the Sahaja Yogis will be consulted and they will decide what is to be done for the world… and they will become the rulers of tomorrow’s world. So we must have full idea how to be rulers like Shri Ram. It’s a very big task… it’s a great task… and sometimes you might think ‘how can Mother expect us to do it’… but I think you are the people who are chosen for it… and you have to get to it… and work it out. So we have to train up ourselves to be first good rulers of ourselves… and then rulers of others… through your heart not through your mind. Go on telling your mind that ‘this is not… this is not… this is not…’ any thought that comes to your mind you go on telling ‘this is not… not this… not this… not this…’ then the inspiration starts coming. You see what I feel… people are not inspired… they have got fear, on one side… or else they go into an ego trip (1982-0402)

So to stay in the centre, what you have to do is to go on saying ‘not this thought’… then you will be a deep Sahaja Yogi… because intellect is nothing… so-called intellect is nothing… only God has Intelligence. What is intellect… all those things are good for nothing… only service to your Mother is the best… ask your intellect… ‘is it serving my Mother’. The so-called intellect of human beings… it cheats… it gives you escapes… all the time the intellect is working by saying.. ‘oh this may be good… that may be good’… but the real good it never sees… it’s a trick of the ego you see… choices… ego likes choices you see… ‘this is good… this is bad… this I don’t like… this… this’ – all ‘I’ business should be given up… ‘we’ should come in… not ‘I’… that’s how intellect will go away. The most intelligent person is the one who knows that our intellect is just an ego trip… this is the sign of Pure

Intelligence… of Pure Understanding… that the heart is the ruler… there resides the Spirit which is the most intelligent thing within us… and the inspiration of the Spirit is the manifestation of the Pure Intellect of God… and what I told you today is the Intellect of the Heart… but of the brain… zero (1982-0402); But then… what’s the use of the brain… why not have only heart you see would be alright… but the brain is the one which ‘acts’. Heart is the inspiration… but the brain acts on it… it’s communicating… but the inspiration, the source is the heart… is the Spirit… again… connect yourself to the Spirit. Whatever you have to say, relate it to the Spirit… not to anything else (1982-0402)

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