Try not to react to anything… just see the drama (1995-1224); Make your ego be challenged… not to get into temper… try that your ego doesn’t react… that can be achieved very easily if you try… in the mirror, look at yourself, and laugh at yourself… make fun of yourself (1986-0504); When we are doing work of some kind, and others do not appreciate it, or do not join in, or they maybe spoil it, then the normal thing is to react by going back into Tamoguna. We should regard work as a training for developing our immunity, and do it with detachment, and with enjoyment, and by so doing get into the Satwoguna in the centre (1980-0517.2)

Witness state has to be projected so much… that this conditioning and ego of reaction will finish off… you will have no more reaction… but you will just witness… and the knowledge that is ‘real’, comes always… always… through witnessing. If you do not know how to witness, then whatever knowledge you have, is nothing but through your ego or through your conditionings… it is not Absolute Knowledge (2001-0321)

When you can get into thoughtless awareness, your reaction will be zero… you look at something… you’ll just look at it, you won’t react because you are thoughtless… you won’t react. When that reaction is not there then everything, you’ll be surprised, is Divine (1998-0510)

This fault finding actually comes from your brain, which is not yet enlightened… and you cannot enjoy anything because you react – what is your job is to enjoy… enjoy everything… and that enjoyment is the blessing of the Divine… even you can enjoy the turmoil… the torture… everything… if you can see the point, that nothing can happen to your spirit. In the Sahaja state, you just see… and watch… and get the joy out of it (2000-0507)

First you have to empty yourself… if you are already filled with these ideas… these age old ideas… and you are still carrying on with them… how can the Divine be filled. If there’s a pot already full of water or anything… you cannot fill it… so you have to empty yourself… empty your mind – it’s possible through Sahaja Yoga, if you can take your Kundalini beyond Agnya chakra… by not reacting. Reaction is the worst thing… because reaction comes through your Agnya. It is due to your conditioning… or due to your ego. So some people react because of their conditioning… and some react because of their ego. So why should we react to anything… why don’t you enjoy, by not reacting… you just go and see how beautifully they are made… the beautiful flowers… just enjoy it… some will find some faults… some will… but the joy of his creation is there, and you should be able to see it… feel it… enjoy… and then you are a Sahaja Yogi… otherwise you are not. If you are a reacting type, you cannot be a Sahaja Yogi (2000-1231)

Most of you have little problems… and for most of you it is the problems of the Agnya chakra… that we think… as a reaction… to anything outside… to everything. This reaction comes from our conditionings or from our ego… egoistical people are extremely sensitive… if you give them something that they think is not very dignified, they can feel hurt… they can feel hurt for anything… because they have a consciousness that they are something special… and one should behave with them… and that’s how they get absolutely disturbed if they find anybody in any way degrading them… this comes from ego. The second one is your conditioning… say if you are an Indian… now the conditioning is that a person who comes to meet you should touch your feet… supposing that’s your relationship… and the person doesn’t touch your feet… then you are angry. Anything like that which is your conditioning gives you an idea that you are being insulted… or you have not been respected… then you feel bad (2000-1225)

Humility is one of the criteria of a Sahaja Yogi… a person who doesn’t have humility cannot be called a Sahaja Yogi… so this humility will give you a more permanent state by which you will not react… you just watch… and that’s how the new state, a witness state comes into you. When you become the witness… you are in the present… and you just watch and enjoy… the enjoyment of all the creation is not within your mind when you are thinking… so one has to learn that we should not react. But today’s problem is that all human beings are very good at reacting… reaction is a basic principle of today’s life. You are all Sahaja Yogis… and what you have to do is to understand why this ego is coming in my head… what have I done… who am I… once you go on asking such questions, this ego will disappear. In Sahaj culture we have a proper training for getting rid of ego… you can yourself introspect… see why you behave like this… try to see… what is this Mr Ego doing within your head. Of course the mantra of Christ is the best… but when you are doing this mantra, you should be in a very humble state… what am I after all… who am I… look at so many stars… look at so many beautiful things… who am I… what have I done… why should I be so egoistical (2000-1225)

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