In relationships, both right and left Vishuddhi, play a very big part – left Vishuddhi, when we don’t understand the purity of relationships in social life, and the right Vishuddhi, when we are aggressive or oppressive towards others (1980-1116); The relationship of a daughter, of a sister, of a mother is a very pure relationship; If you look at the green of Mother Earth, you will be saved from these errors of adultery – looking at others’ sisters, others’ wives, others’ daughters (1985-0901); Vishnumaya will see that husband and wife sit together (1985-0901)

Your ‘kith and kin’ are Sahaja Yogis… they are your brothers… and they are your sisters (1986-0818); Your ‘relations’ are Sahaja Yogis… no other. You are born on this tree of life, whilst they (your earthly relatives – Ed) are not… so we cannot identify with them (1987-1220); These relationships of our father, wife, children etc. are ‘worldly’. For your ascent, it is important first of all to have no desire to ‘create a desire’ in your kith and kin… this is especially so in India, where people are too much attached to family. It doesn’t mean that you give up your family, but that you witness them… see them as you would anybody else. Don’t force Sahaja Yoga on any of your relations (1982-1219); Sahaja Yogis are your ‘real’ relations (1981-0524)

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– end – 14 Mar 2003