Has strayed far from the original ideas of it’s founders, who appeared like flowers on the one tree, at different times nourished by the same sap of Divinity, and that were plucked by humans for their own use. It is meant to prepare human beings, to make them worthy for their transformation from their basic tribal condition, to enlightened complete human beings, conscious of their connection to God Almighty (1990-0000; 1978-1005)

In all the Religions people have diverted from the right path… and have come to the wrong path… and are indulging into self created Religions which have no relationship with Reality… or with the incarnations (those who started the Religions… or who gave the ideas of Religions) – I hope you won’t do that to me… because you are Gnostic people… you are the ones who know… who have had Self Realisation… without Self Realisation you cannot have a complete personality (1987-1219)

How they form different groups… for example, if you get the essence of the tree… the essence, or the sap of the tree goes to every flower… it doesn’t discriminate… but the flowers are different. Now what these people have done… they have plucked the flowers, like somebody says ‘this is my religion’… they plucked the flower… the flowers are dead now… so they are carrying on with dead flowers… the religions are dead now… but they are flowering on the same tree. So you see that everything is the same… it is just a manifestation of the same. Like electricity flowing… it is giving you there… it is working the air conditioning… it is also working out there… but the electricity is the same. You see… because you become the essence… but when you see from outside, they look different. You cannot become fanatic now… you cannot… even if you try to be, you cannot… because you see… the essence is the same (1986-0707.1)

Fanaticism comes from the word ‘finite’, we should say – when you go into infinity, how can you have fanaticism. In fanaticism, you ‘finite’ yourselves… I am this… I am this… that is ‘clubbing’… actually it is nothing but ordinary clubbing… like we have clubs like… somebody puts the tableware on the left side… is one of the clubs… another puts on the right side… is another club… it’s just like stupid clubbing, that’s all. So you cannot ‘club’ out God, or Christ, or any one of these Incarnations… they are all relations of each other… they are all related to each other (1986-0707.1)

On one side we have the doubting people… and on the other side, the fanatics – those who try to adhere more and more, to the teachings, had to become fanatics. The ‘real’ Religion in man collapsed… Religion is a continuous living process within, which is our sustainance… it’s like a ladder, on which we climb, step by step… but not leaving the ladder. So… these two types… one doubting… another fanatic… both had not known God… both had not achieved Reality… and they criticised each other… because both of them did not know what truth was (1980-0505)

Formerly, those people who came on this Earth, tried to teach people about dharma, to bring them to the central path, to the straight forward path of ascent. They tried everything, whatever way they thought was good for a particular community, area or country… they talked about it, and lots of books came out of it. But instead of these books creating people of a religious and spiritual and united nature, they created people who were all against each other – it’s an absurd thing, but it happened. So all these books, all this knowledge was all misused by human beings, just to get their own power… so it was all a power and money oriented game going on… they talk of love, of compassion… but it is all for a purpose… it’s all a political game sometimes because they all still feel that they should have power… a worldly power so that they can dominate the whole world… and this started working so much in the human mind that we had lots of wars, killings and all kinds of things. So when all this subsided, Mother felt that now maybe, opening the Sahastrara might help people to see the truth (1998-0510)

Now why these religions look so separate… because the integrating point was not there… otherwise they are all flowers on the same tree… and they are taken away by people who say ‘this is my religion… this is my religion’… so they become dead and ugly… that is how the religions are formed you see. But the basic point is that all the great Incarnations who came on this Earth, exist within us on all these centres (1979-0618); The essence of all religions, if you go to the essence of it, not to the outside that you see… but to the essence of it, is this… that you should seek the Eternal (1989-0617.2)

That which is falsely made is not religion – religion is in your stomach, is within you (1979-0507); It was meant to stabilise you – the religion within you (1978-1115)… dharma (1983-0202); Religion is simply an accident of birth… which one we are born into – all are related. There is only one God… but who manifests in many Aspects (1981-0328); In Sahaja Yoga, we respect all the Incarnations… all the prophets… and all the Religions in their essence… this is something so great in Sahaja Yoga (1997-1230)

Mohammed talked more about the Resurrection time than the Doomsday, but Muslims are using more the Doomsday. It is the same with Christians, who don’t want to talk about the Counsellor but about the last Kalki… just to frighten the people so they will stick on – so it’s a business proposition (0.0005); In the name of religion, so many wrong things have taken place… is all anti-religious activity (1987-1230.1)

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– end – 8 May 2003