That which is missing in the UK – the respect for others and their cultures, and for the Adi Shakti; Respect produces ‘thoughtless awareness’… because then there is no thought (1989-0524); In Sahaja Yoga, we respect all the Incarnations… all the prophets… and all the Religions in their essence… this is something so great in Sahaja Yoga (1997-1230); Respectful behaviour towards others, and towards others’ things, is part of the Mahalakshmi Principle. When this dignity, and respect, and desire to rise higher, manifests in a genuine inner way, then this helps to build the bridge of the Sushumna over the void, for the Kundalini to pass properly, which otherwise would continue to get lost in the void (1986-0921.1)

If you are not innocent, you cannot have respect… so innocence has to be developed, to have that respect (1984-0902); Between two Sahaja Yogis there should always be tremendous respect… not only respect, but tremendous respect (1984-0118); Why we are suffering in this beautiful planet, is because we do not respect what we have to respect the most… Mother Earth is to be respected… meaning that whatever is created on this Mother Earth by the movement of the Earth, by the sea, by all the elements, has to be respected (1997-0525)

I feel the whole West suffers from one simple disease… that is they do not know how to respect anyone… with their ego, they want to judge everyone, and condemn everyone… so get out of it, and tell yourself ‘I don’t know anything’; Don’t think that you know everything… respect each and every person… not for what he has read, or what he has learnt, but because he is a great Soul; Respect every Sahaja Yogi from your heart, because they are made in the form of Shri Ganesha… we’ll not make fun of them… we’ll not laugh at them… as long as they’re in Sahaja Yoga, we have to respect (1984-0902)

Husbands also must respect their wives… is very important. Where women are not respected… calamities come in… like Bangladesh is full of calamities, because they don’t respect their women. Pakistan is full of calamities… now the wars are going on, this is going on… they don’t respect their women. What about Saudi Arabia… always the threat of war… what about Iran… all these countries… where women are not respected… they are in trouble. But women also must respect themselves… not like the women in the ‘west’… the way they throw themselves at men… why should you try to attract men all the time… why should you try to be all the time dressed up that they should run after you. You see this one is a culture which really debases women, to I don’t know what level… you are not prostitutes… so we should have our own self respect. We should respect our body… respect our husbands… respect our children… respect everyone… that’s important… but also the society, and the family, and the husband… all of them must respect women… it’s very important… they are complimentary… men and women are complimentary (1995-0625)

In Hindi language, there is ‘Adub’… means modesty and… respect… but more than respect… a style of saying things… not in Urdu, but in Hindi, of day-to-day talking… there’s respect, and a way to address others. You can learn Hindi in no time. All this will give you… a kind of a more flexible vehicle to express your love (1997-1225)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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– end – 4 Oct 2002