A ritualistic nature makes you very constricted, and can be either very docile or even aggressive, troubling others a lot. For example a vegetarian must have special utensils etc., and can be very demanding (1998-0321); Because of ritualism, growth in Sahaja Yoga can be slow (1998-0320); This ritualism is not allowed in Sahaja Yoga… you must know what you are – first of all introspect… and accordingly you should work it out… if you are hot-tempered, alright go and beat yourself with shoes… but if you are not, then you need not (1997-1225)

Even in Puja when I see people doing Puja I know how far they are dedicated… because the way they do it with caution, with care, with awe, with understanding… everything is so beautiful… but if somebody is doing just a ritual thing, I get a fright… like they’ll do my Puja alright… mechanically… but some people may not even do any Puja… but they sit before the photograph… and talk to me heart to heart… without saying anything… but… to put it in the heart for some people is very difficult (1985-0310)

Now for Sahaja Yogis as I say there should be no ritual… ritualistic things always make you absolutely dead… like early in the morning you start with a mantra… and go on repeating mantra like a mechanical thing… it’s absolutely paying no respect to the Deity. But in a proper way… whichever Deity you want to awaken… think of that Deity, try to cleanse it, with all the understanding and deliberations… with respect… with a protocol… and not just to take somebody’s name and just go on chanting any mantra you feel… it’s not a mechanical thing. Sahaja Yoga is a thing which has to come from the heart… it is heart felt… if you do not do it from your heart it has no meaning (1981-0511)

You may carry on like that, but you’ll find after some time you have lost your vibrations… you have lost the cool breeze… because heart doesn’t like mechanical things… every day it does new things… it never sticks onto habits… it never sticks on the same routine of things… it’s bubbling every day with new appearances… one has to do it with complete love towards yourself and toward others… with complete esteem of your being and others (1981-0511)

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– end – 4 Oct 2002