In Sahaj Dharma, the husband/wife relationship should be really romantic… should be really beautiful… but it is not… no, we talk of love, and all that… but very rarely people fall in love, and carry on with it… it’s a blessing if you really get that kind of a feeling… but mostly it is a curse. So to fall in love is very good… but that doesn’t mean that you forget that you are a Sahaja Yogi (1997-0823.1); You may not ‘fall into love’… you may not… it may not be… and it’s not necessary… because those who fall in love also rise into divorces… so best thing is to have a balanced idea about marriage. You see marriage cannot be decided, like you are ‘Romeo and Juliet’ – it’s practical… it should be based on rock… so you won’t lose your balance. If you understand that point, then the marriage will be successful… but if you try to think of romanticism and all that, it just breaks… at the same time it’s not some kind of asceticism… but you lead a nice healthy married life, in a very friendly manner in every way (1989-1203); The love of husband and wife is a very special sort of love, with no adultery nor adulterous eyes (1982-0711); Romanticism is another kind of an emotional artificiality… the next day they go for the divorce… you see it’s so artificial (1984-0118)

After marriage, some of the people just get lost… and this is the worst type of thing that can happen to you… they get into their honeymoon mood… all their romantic ideas come back… they get just lost… you are marrying here for Sahaja Yoga – your marriage is for your ascent (1989-1203); In marriages, we have to decide that we are getting married… because… we have to do Sahaja Yoga. Romanticism, when they get married, where they go crazy with each other, and forget Sahaja Yoga, forget Mother and forget God, is of no use in Sahaja Yoga. There is no need to rush into honeymoon (1987-1230.1)

No unmarried girl has to go with an unmarried man… it’s not done in Sahaja Yoga (1981-0904); No Sahaja Yogi is going to marry another Sahaja Yogi… you are all brothers and sisters… nobody should come to me, and tell me ‘I want to marry this or that’… if I say you marry, that’s different… but you don’t come to me, and tell me… ‘I’ve fallen in love with another Sahaja Yogi’ (1981-0904); If you feel attracted for any man… think that that man has a bhoot, and I also have a bhoot… only the bhoots attract bhoots… it’s as simple as that… it’s only the bhoots attract (1981-0904)

Any man who is older than you… any girl should not talk to him much… but if they are younger than you… then they are your brothers. Any man that is older than your husband, you need not talk to him… but with younger people you can… you must have innocence about it. You are all brothers and sisters… no more romanticism now… you are not going to marry each other… dedicate yourself to your Sahaja Yoga (1981-0904)

Coughs and colds are a left side problem and indicate emotional problems… in girls, crying, whilst in men coughing or sneezing for no reason at all – coughing and sneezing to show our pitiable condition. To cure the cold, look into your emotional life. Any attachment that makes you foolish, or hankering after someone, creates similar troubles, especially with the ‘Romeos’. It can be corrected by getting proper understanding… that we should be detached, and not get these romantic feelings. On the other side, if we move to the right side more, we get dry feelings, a dry throat – we cannot speak (1980-0517.2)

Adogati is the downward movement (1986-0224)… descent… to go down is easy; Human awareness grows downwards, in the opposite direction to the Divine… finally we reach ‘Mooladhara’, where we become depraved and perverted, with funny ideas about sex. This is decadence… and with one step we are in Hell. On the other hand if we try to go up, without going by Mahalakshmi… we end up at the ‘Heart’… and start giving our heart to this person, that person… get into romance… and once again we go down (1986-0303)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003