In Russia, the scientists are very open hearted. At the time of Stalin they were all arrested, and whilst in confinement they developed the subtler side, and found out about the auras of human beings… that human beings have auras… and from auras you can diagnose their diseases. One scientist there came forward and said… I’ve seen your photo… and he said he’d proved it… you have to go to a physical vacuum state, which Jung has described as ‘thoughtless awareness’, for Reality to be understood. The scientists have said that they have seen the Cosmic Energy emitting out of my head; They call the All Pervading Power of Divine Love as the Cosmic Energy… they may call it by any name… and that it is this Divine Love of God which is the energy that runs this whole Universe (1998-0705)

This country is already blessed… you have so many things here. Firstly this country has got such a lot of petrol, and if discoveries are made, there is much more. Secondly, you have got beautiful timber… and thirdly you’ve got a lot of tea, good tea. Also you have diamonds… so many things you have. Apart from that, you have so much of heart. Also gold you have. So all these things are in abundance in this country. Only thing is, you don’t have somebody who will manage… to get to you people – I am sure it will work out (1996-0716); In Russia… they make such beautiful things (1995-0625)

The Russian women are very satisfied souls… they want very little… they are not greedy… the extremities of communism have thrown them into that area, where they don’t have any sense of possession… they are not the sort of people who are even conscious of possessing (1997-1004)

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– end – 28 May 2003