Sahaja Culture


Sahaja Culture

Where attention is not given to material things, like worrying about our carpets, or having all the different types of glasses, or of cutlery. Where we no longer say things like “I hate… I like… I don’t like… I believe in…”; Where we appreciate everything, and especially others. Where we enjoy, and give to others… we speak well of and help each other… we care for others’ possessions. Where we compete in loving… in being kind… in being humble… in doing for others… and in saying sweet things (1980-0613); So with humility, one should know that now you belong to Sahaja Culture, and Sahaja Culture is that of humility… if you are not humble, then you have not yet achieved your Sahaja Yoga (1988-0921)

Is a culture of temperance, not of extremes, or of overdoing anything. The fruits of Sahaja culture should be that we feel joyous (1980-0613); Where we dress up decently, talk decently, speak sweet words, are very gentle, dignified personalities, with no anger or temper. Where we are auspicious, emitting vibrations that are blissful, and where we are what we stand for, with no hypocrisy (1986-0305); Where we respect both ourselves and others, and also respect all that is Godly, or auspicious, or beautiful, where we are smiling, enjoying personalities, making others happy (1987-1016)

Sahaja Vasta

The Sahaja State… where you know for definite that you are on the right path… you are on the right state of mind… and in which you do not react… you just see, and appreciate… you just see… it’s a drama… you just see and watch… and get the joy out of it. So my own effort was to take you into that beautiful arena of Sahaja… where you will be absolutely one with yourself… one with the nature… with all the people who are around you… with your own Country and countries. Everywhere the whole atmosphere, as they say the whole Brahmanda, becomes part and parcel of you… and you’re not separated from that (2000-0507)


Spontaneous; Born with, or Inborn (1981-1004), from Saha/with, and Ja/born (1984-0313); Is an ancient name (1983-1001); Easy (1984-0718); Simple (1985-1128); Everything that is living is spontaneous (1985-1128); Nothing to be ‘done’ (1989-1008.1); Meditation is the most Sahaja method (1976-0330); Shri Ganesha is the one who creates spontaneity, who is Sahaj (1986-0907)


You have got everything in a Sahaj manner… and in the same Sahaj manner, you can give it to others. You got it Sahaj… in a very simple manner… you didn’t do anything about it… absolutely Sahaj. Without doing anything… without saying anything, you got your Realisation… if somebody is coming to you for Realisation, you must do it in the same manner. So now we are in a Sahaj style… you have to be Sahaj (1992-0719)

Sahaj has a very special meaning… spontaneously… you do not have to exert… you do not have to go into a penance, or work it out… in a Sahaj way you can do it; Sahaj also means easy (1992-0229)

Some people have a habit of coming forward too much all the time… to be in the public…to be there all the time – tell yourself… ‘there’s no need… this is not the way… it’s not sahaj… why are you going forward all the time… why are you trying to show off… if you are called, better go’. Ok… is done… is done… don’t worry about it… but next time… ‘why did I do it… alright, next time I’m not going to do it (1985-0310)

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Sahaja Vasta

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– end – 5 Oct 2002