Sahaja Yoga


Sahaja Yoga

The Spontaneous Union of the individual consciousness with the All Pervading Divine Power, through the awakening of the residual power of the Kundalini which lies dormant within all human beings in the triangular bone at the base of the spine, called the sacrum

– the sacred bone (MME); The innate pure religion within us (1990-0807); The innate universal religion of Divine Love, which when enlightened within, produces in the seeker quite spontaneously, a truly religious, moral, peaceful, compassionate and powerful, enlightened personality (MME/p175); This Sahaja Yoga, the communion with the Divine, is your birthright as a human being (1982-1007); Sahaja Yoga is the union between you and God (1980-0505)

Is the only way to get Self Realisation… there is no other way out (1979-0616); To be worked out not on the mental level, but on the spiritual level; Work it out through the heart not the brain (1983-0121); The culmination, the integration of all the Scriptures, of all the Deities (1984-0702); Now, en masse, it becomes Maha Yoga (1983-1001); Is a living process (1982-0710); An aspect of the Adi Shakti, which works in Collectivity (1983-0113)

Is a living process, just like the sprouting of a seed, and is therefore God’s work – He has to do it (1980-0517.1); Sahaja Yoga is a very different type of a living process – when you get Realisation, it starts transforming you, and then others. By your presence you start transforming other people. First you receive the light, then you generate the light. With your ‘Will’ you can generate Sahaja Yoga to go further (1980-1116)

Sahaja Yoga is for the emancipation of all the humanity. It’s not for one country, another country… it’s not for one person, another person… it’s for the whole humanity (1998-0706); Sahaja Yoga is a global movement. There are millions, millions in Russia… and in India we have too, maybe, millions. Also in Austria and in Italy, people have awakened… so why not in England… (1998-0705)

Sahaja Yoga is the Last Judgement – it is fantastic to hear this, but it is a fact, it is the truth. Our Mother’s love makes it very easy for us to get our Realisation, and the whole story of the Last Judgement, which looks such a horrifying experience, has been made very beautiful, tender and delicate, and doesn’t disturb us. But this is the Last Judgement – and we all are going to be judged, through Sahaja Yoga, whether we can enter into the Kingdom of God or not (1979-0928)

Is a precious diamond… you cannot give it to every person… they have to come to Sahaja Yoga… they have to ask for it… they have to beg for it… then only they can get their Realisation. We don’t want quantity… we want quality (1988-0710); The essence of Sahaja Yoga is protocol – if we understand protocol, we will automatically grow. Know the protocol, ask others, get their advice, how to improve the protocol, what do we do wrong (1983-0725)

Sahaja Yoga is a spontaneous system built within us… naturally… through nature… by which Kundalini Shakti rises… and you become the Spirit. As a result, the Spirit starts manifesting through your central nervous system… and because the Spirit is the knowledge of the Joy… and the Truth… and the Attention… you become that… means your central nervous system becomes that… capable of knowing that (0.0012)

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– end – 8 May 2003