Sahaja Yogis


Sahaja Yogis

Are lights of joy, of compassion, of love (1996-0505); Are there, for the Adi Shakti to reveal the Truth to the whole world – so it is a very important role for Sahaja Yogis (1985-0528); In your own way, when you are doing Sahaja Yoga, there also you have to be a mother… more mother’s qualities than the father’s qualities… that there is no ambition, there’s no competition, there’s no jealousy, nothing… just you want your children to come up and to grow into their spirituality (1998-0510)

First and foremost thing for a Sahaja Yogi is he must have introspection… he must watch himself… if he changes because some fashion has come… or because some people have suppressed him… or just asked him to… or just to please people of cheap values, then he cannot be a guru. He has to station himself properly on the values of Sahaja Yoga (1998-0712)

Sahaja Yogis are Realised Souls, are knowledgeable. You are different to others. Not to put down or discard anyone, but to know that they are not the same as you are. They have to become like you… they can become like you. They are not your enemies… they can come to this side… but, they are not the same as you are. This must come into you so that collectivity becomes strong. So discretion is very important. One of the very great basics for our growth is to discriminate. Trust Sahaja Yogis… a Sahaja Yogi is your brother, your sister, your companion, is everything (1980-1116)

Sahaja Yogis are channels for the working of the Paramchaitanya, in giving Self Realisation to people, who are seeking the truth (1997-0316), and have to be strong (1980-0630); Sahaja Yogis are definitely connected with the Divine (1996-0505); You are transmitters. Everywhere that you are sitting in meditation, you are transmitting vibrations – do you know that. Think of love, think of the whole country, think of the whole world at that time. You are transmitters of these waves of love, and love will flow from you (1979-1015); Sahaja Yogis are unique, there is no parallel… never before existed… so no analogies… Athula, which cannot be compared; We are in unison… all do the same thing… if one gets fish and chips, all get fish and chips (1980-1116)

We have to understand our own dignity, and the first thing is to understand that Sahaja Yogis are the ones that God has chosen. When you are chosen the first, you must also realise that you are the foundations – you have to be strong… and forbearing. Sahaja Yogis are the first lamps… that are going to enlighten other lamps in the world (1976-0330); Are people who are chosen by God (1982-1219)

Some think that whatever we do, we are Sahaja Yogis – you do not become Sahaja Yogis at all… those who do not meditate. You see, Sahaja Yogis are to be decided by the Divine… not by you. If you are genuine, if you are simple, God knows you are alright… you will be there – if you are not, He will throw you out (1980-0907)

No Sahaja Yogi is going to marry another Sahaja Yogi… you are all brothers and sisters… nobody should come to me, and tell me ‘I want to marry this or that’… if I say you marry, that’s different… but you don’t come to me, and tell me… ‘I’ve fallen in love with another Sahaja Yogi’ (1981-0904); When you are very good brothers and sisters, first of all your left Vishuddhi improves – we get this left Vishuddhi, because we don’t have proper brother and sister relationship… it’s not that we should have our ‘own’ sister… but ‘any’ woman who is a Sahaja Yogini is your sister… except for your own wife. Unless and until we develop that pure feeling within ourselves, we cannot work out Sahaja Yoga… I know it’s rather difficult to digest… but it’s a fact (1986-0818)

The quality of ‘standing for the truth’, at any cost, is so easy for Sahaja Yogis. If you stand for the right, for the righteous, for the truth, then all kinds of help ‘to protect you’, will be given (1989-0423); In Sahaja Yoga, you have to be really dedicated and honest – you should enjoy your honesty… you should enjoy your love… your generosity… everything. First and foremost quality of a Sahaja Yogi is that he has to be absolutely honest… he has not come here to make money… or to make power… but he has come to rise into the new, beautiful world that we are creating. You have overcome so many things I know… you have achieved so many things I know… which is not possible… humanly impossible things you have done… you have got over all this nonsense… but still there are some people among you, who still are in the stinking mud of nonsense (2001-0321)

No Sahaja Yogi is going to take any money… nor anybody is going to bow to them… nor are they going to take any kind of special attention; A Guru has to suffer the most – that’s how he can command. He has to be the example of austerity, and of detachment… that’s how he is going to get respect… the quality has to be that of Gold (1986-0706)

The depth of a Sahaja Yogi is to be measured by the way he keeps joyous and happy. A Sahaja Yogi may not be a ‘real’ Sahaja Yogi… it only depends on… if you are joyous… if you are anxious to give Realisation to others… and you want to share your Realisation… and you just don’t want to keep it to yourself… if that is not your condition, then you are still not a full Sahaja Yogi (2000-1231)

When the attention goes to the Spirit, it just happens that you become Gunatit, and are no more concerned with your own conveniences, or comforts. You just go beyond all these three gunas which have been dominating you, like the Tamoguna, Rajoguna and Satwoguna. Now you don’t want to see whether you are right sided, or left sided or centred – you are a Sahaja Yogi, and a Sahaja Yogi is beyond all these things, you are Gunatit (1998-0321)… beyond the three gunas (1980-0526)

When your attention is on the Spirit, then you don’t feel the discomfort of nature, or of worldly things; That is the first sign… when a Sahaja Yogi starts complaining about comforts, that is the first sign that he is not a Sahaja Yogi as yet (1986-1225); A Sahaja Yogi is to be known by his character… by his righteousness… by his behaviour… the behaviour of a Sahaja Yogi should be extremely peaceful… Sahaja Yogis who are just rushing up and down… upset… are not Sahaja Yogis (1985-0310)

A person who is frightful… who is very strict… who talks very rudely… is not a Sahaja Yogi… no way… but the one who looks out… cares… loves… and is very generous is the real Sahaja Yogi. You are people of special qualities and those qualities must be shown in your life. I have never put any restrictions on you… do what you like… whatever way you want to do it, you can do it… I have never been bothering… even about money or anything… but that is a testing ground where you are standing (2001-0321)

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