Sahastrara 1 Chakra



Sahastrara Chakra

The 7th and last Chakra, opened by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, on May 5th 1970, in the morning time in India; The topmost chakra is the brain; Where is the Satya; Whose essence is integration; The Sahastrara is open in a large hearted person, and catches with a ‘my/mine’ attitude; Beyond the Sahastrara is the realm, where is Reality, and into which we have to enter; Nobody has described Sahastrara… except that it has a thousand petals; The Kingdom of God, which is the Sahastrara… is the 1000 petalled lotus… that round place called as limbic area in the gross level. At Sahastrara, no sound is made by the passage of the Kundalini, and one becomes thoughtless; In terms of evolution, the Sahastrara is at the stage of the present day.

The Kundalini… when She rises, enters the Limbic area, after penetrating the 6 chakras, and there enlightens the 7 Peetas or seats of the 7 chakras. The Peetas for each chakra are placed along the mid-line of the Limbic area, starting at the back of the head with the Mooladhara, then around it the Swadisthan, then proceeding along the mid-line next is the Nabhi, followed by Heart, Vishuddhi, and finally Agnya. All these 6 combine to make the 7th, the Sahastrara, which is a hollow space. The limbic area… is that area which the Kundalini enters, when She passes through the Agnya Chakra… that area of the Kingdom of God within us, between the Agnya and the Fontanelle bone area, and which actually represents the heart.

On the sides are 1000 nadis, which when enlightened look like gentle flames burning, but with no heat… extremely cooling and soothing… in all the 7 colours, and which finally integrate to become a crystal clear flame. In transverse section, the appearance is like that of petals. We feel the Cool Breeze in the hands, when the Kundalini comes out of the Sahastrara, at the Fontanelle bone area, and joins with the All Pervading Power.

The area of the soft bone at the crown of an infant’s head… the Fontanelle bone area, or Brahmarandra… through which passes the Kundalini, linking the human awareness to the All Pervading Power of Divine Love… is at the point where the Heart chakra is, so there is a direct connection with the Heart chakra; This is the hole through which the Kundalini pierces; You are so built that the Brahmarandra is also your heart.

Reality… the Truth, the Absolute, which has to be felt on your Central Nervous System… the realm beyond Sahastrara, where we have to enter… is achieved through the heart; Reality is what Reality is… it’s not a concept; To deal with Reality… it must be done with intensity… even love must be intense… otherwise you are just befooling yourself… playing games… it leads you nowhere.

Also, as you are Realised Souls, all the Divine forces… all the Divine Deities… all of them are looking after you… but they know one thing… those who are surrendered… and those who are not. You just surrender the problem… and you will be surprised… the answer will come in such a miracle. Just surrender… do not take any responsibility upon yourself… just surrender.

When something that you want doesn’t work out, then you should accept it as the Will of God – that it is what He desires, that it is the Desire of God; Now you are one with His Desires. You are here to communicate the Desires of God, to the whole world. At this stage, if you start having your own desires and ideas about yourself, then when will you become the Desire of God.

Now in your freedom you must understand what is glorious for you… then you tell yourself that I have to become something more… and the only thing I have to do is to completely co-ordinate, co-operate and surrender to His Will… so that I become. In that surrendering you do the greatest thing, because by that you do not interfere with His work… you do not obstruct the Will of God – He wants to give you the highest… which you cannot achieve for yourself… it is His gift to you.