Sahastrara 3 Correcting



Correcting the Sahastrara Chakra

The only way to be able to keep the Sahastrara open… has to be complete surrender. Surrendering is the opening of the Sahastrara – keep it completely open so that the Nirvikalpa is established within us. The area of the Sahastrara is the realm of God. When the Brahmarandra opens fully, then the heavens open within yourself; To keep Sahastrara absolutely clear cut, we must listen to whatever I have told you, and obey it, as absolutely an ordained thing. To keep the Sahastrara clean is to open your heart… if your hearts are not open, how will I fill it up with my love… open your hearts to your fellow Yogis and Yoginis. Your quality will be known by how much you are surrendered to me… Christ has said that; ‘Mother, the way you keep it, that way we accept it’.

Now in your freedom you must understand what is glorious for you… then you tell yourself that I have to become something more… and the only thing I have to do is to completely co-ordinate, co-operate and surrender to His Will… so that I become. In that surrendering you do the greatest thing, because by that you do not interfere with His work… you do not obstruct the Will of God. He wants to give you the highest… which you cannot achieve for yourself… it is His gift to you.

Also, as you are Realised Souls, all the Divine forces… all the Divine Deities… all of them are looking after you… but they know one thing… those who are surrendered… and those who are not. You just surrender the problem… and you will be surprised… the answer will come in such a miracle. Just surrender… do not take any responsibility upon yourself… just surrender.

When something that you want doesn’t work out, then you should accept it as the Will of God – that it is what He desires, that it is the Desire of God; Now you are one with His Desires. You are here to communicate the Desires of God, to the whole world. At this stage, if you start having your own desires and ideas about yourself, then when will you become the Desire of God.

Correcting the Sahastrara Chakra

The Recognition of our Mother, is the mental activity of the Heart. Develop it by introspection and meditation, developing those waves of gratitude, love, oneness and Joy; Those who have not yet recognised, though they are Realised, will not be blessed – they will go round and round. So it is necessary to recognise… She who is presently with us. The time is such that we have to recognise Sahaja Yoga – if we do not, then the Sahastrara cannot be opened. Recognition is the only worship in Sahaja Yoga… ask the question, of the Deity that you worship… you must know ‘Who’ you are facing. Recognise in a full way, with full humility, so that your Realisation sustains.

One condition, if you can understand… is that you have to recognise me. I know, I’m Mahamaya… I’m really very clever at it… but I’m truthful… but still I’m Mahamaya… so to recognise me what should we do… if we recognise, then you are protected. And the cleansing is the simplest thing in Sahaja Yoga… is to be collective. If you are not collective… then know that something wrong with you… if you are collective… if you are enjoying the collective, then you should know that you are clean… no blemish is there… you are absolutely alright.

Once you have recognised, you will have no fear from anyone… and the more you show that recognition, the more you realise it, you get higher and higher… not only spiritually, but every way, mentally, socially, economically, politically… is very remarkable… that not only that you recognise me as a Mother who loves you very much… but a Mother who is powerful to protect you.

To come close in the real form would have been very dangerous… so one had to be a Mahamaya. But despite that, if you could recognise me… to understand me… that I am Divine Personality… an Incarnation… that’s all the Deities want… then they’ll look after you in every way.