Sahastrara 4 Deities



Sahastrara Chakra – Aspect or Deity

The Adi Shakti, the Primordial Mother, the Holy Ghost… who has come to save the humanity, who has incarnated on this Earth to give it’s meaning to itself… has come in the Mahamaya form so that the seekers will not be frightened. The Adi Shakti… the Feminine, Pure Desire Power… the Pure Love and Compassion of God Almighty, which does all the work of Creation… who destroys the evil forces to save Her children from negativity… who is Parashakti, beyond all the powers, the Power of Sadashiva, of God Almighty. The Devi, the Goddess… who integrates and unites everything. The All Pervading Power, of God’s Love… the Ruh… the Paramchaitanya… the Rutumbhara… the ‘Power’ of God, who does all the Divine Play, and which is witnessed by the Father aspect of God.

She who first created Shri Ganesha, the source of wisdom and innocence – the Eternal Child; The Primordial Mother, the Adi Shakti came 12000 years back in more than 1000 Incarnations, to protect Her children, the devotees, from those negative forces, that were trying to destroy them.

The time is such that we have to recognise – if we do not, then the Sahastrara cannot be opened. Recognition is the only worship in Sahaja Yoga… ask the question, of the Deity that you worship… you must know ‘Who’ you are facing. Recognise in a full way, with full humility, so that your Realisation sustains. The Recognition of our Mother, is the mental activity of the Heart. Develop it by introspection and meditation, developing those waves of gratitude, love, oneness and Joy; Those who have not yet recognised, though they are Realised, will not be blessed – they will go round and round. So it is necessary to recognise… She who is presently with us.