The 7th and last Chakra, opened… on May 5th 1970 (1991-0505), in the morning time in India (1993-0606); The topmost chakra is the brain (1983-0121); Where is the Satya (1986-0303); Whose essence is integration (1983-0204); The Sahastrara is open in a large hearted person, and catches with a ‘my/mine’ attitude (1992-0621); Beyond the Sahastrara is the realm, where is Reality, and into which we have to enter (1996-0505); Nobody has described Sahastrara… except that it has a thousand petals (2000-0507); The Kingdom of God, which is the Sahastrara… is the 1000 petalled lotus… that round place called as limbic area in the gross level (1981-0511)

(Is spoken and spelt by the Adi Shakti, the Absolute Authority of the Sahastrara, with a ‘t’ (ref: the many tapes that have been recorded, and a drawing of the chakras on hand and head made by the Adi Shakti – see appendices) – Ed); At Sahastrara, no sound is made by the passage of the Kundalini, and one becomes thoughtless (1979-0000.1); Is the Limbic area (1983-0129); In terms of evolution, the Sahastrara is at the stage of the present day (1983-0129); The day of the Sahastrara is a Monday (1986-0504)

The first 6 chakras are represented in the Sahastrara, at their respective peetas or seats, along the mid line, starting at the back with the Mooladhara, surrounded by the Swadisthan, and then followed along the mid-line by the Nabhi, Heart, Vishuddhi, and finally the Agnya. All 6 combine to make the 7th, the Sahastrara, which is a hollow space. On the sides are 1000 nadis, which when enlightened look like gentle flames burning, in all the 7 colours, and which finally integrate to become a crystal clear flame. In transverse section, the appearance is like that of petals (1983-0204)

When the Kundalini enters the limbic area, the lotus opens, and looks like flames but with no heat, but extremely cooling and soothing (1996-0505); There are 1000 petals to this centre, the 1000 petal lotus, with silent flames of all colours looking like petals, peace giving and beautiful. We feel the Cool Breeze in the hands, when the Kundalini comes out of the Sahastrara, at the Fontanelle bone area, and joins with the All Pervading Power (1989-0801)

Try to keep this lotus open. Sometimes we fail, because of some lingering human feelings that remain. The 2 balloons of ego and superego try to close the Sahastrara. We have to be on guard to see what is closing the Sahastrara (1996-0505); To keep Sahastrara absolutely clear cut, we must listen to whatever I have told you, and obey it, as absolutely an ordained thing. To keep the Sahastrara clean is to open your heart… if your hearts are not open, how will I fill it up with my love… open your hearts to your fellow Yogis and Yoginis (1987-0503.1)

The only way to be able to keep the Sahastrara open… has to be complete surrender. Surrendering is the opening of the Sahastrara – keep it completely open so that the Nirvikalpa is established within us. The area of the Sahastrara is the realm of God. When the Brahmarandra opens fully, then the heavens open within yourself (1985-0504)

If a Sahaja Yogi finds the Sahastrara catching, he should take a bath in the sea I think… I don’t know where he should take a bath… because Sahastrara is my place as you know… and to catch the Sahastrara is a very serious thing… he might develop Ekadesha with that, and he’ll be in trouble. Even if he’s praying to the photograph and all that, and still he gets this trouble… the reason is… when you are a Sahaja Yogi… you have to recognise me… that’s the condition. So far you have never recognised anyone, but now you have to recognise me… if you do not, you will develop this Ekadesha, and I tell you then it is not possible to allow this Kundalini to come up. So Sahaja Yogis who are very doubtful should not be called as Sahaja Yogis… they should be kept out as far as possible – let them learn… let them know that this Realisation was given by me… and nobody else (1983-0209); I can write a chapter, like a book, on Sahastrara because that’s my place… I know it so well (1981-1006)

Mantras for the Sahastrara include: Om Twamewa Sakshat Shri Moksha Dayini Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namaha (1979-1009.1)

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– end – 28 Jul 2003